The High-end decoration Business

HIGH-END DECORATION EXPERTISE: expertise, innovation and high quality

Over several decades, SAVERGLASS has shaped its identity and reputation by subtly combining unique glassmaking knowledge and an exclusive glass signature

Early on, high-quality decoration was integrated to compliment the most demanding projects. In 1991, the Group created their first business unit entirely dedicated to finishing. This made it one of the most innovative and successful global players in this sector.

Today, the decoration business represents the Group’s second largest activity, employing 500 people in over 3 integrated finishing units and producing more than 110 million decorated bottles per year.

The techniques and expertise covers a wide range of processes and services that can be combined:

  • Screen printing with organic inks (100% recyclable), enamels or precious metals 
  • Coating (Savercoat®)
  • Pad printing
  • Applying vitrifiable decals 
  • Satin finishing
  • Sandblasting
  • Hot stamping 
  • Metallization 
  • Applying various accessories (etc.)

The perfect mastery of these decorative glass techniques has enabled the Saverglass Group to strengthen its top position in the prestigious world of spirits, fine wines, perfume and cosmetics.

To ensure its clients perfect mastery of quality, SAVERGLASS has developed innovative and creative processes (Organic Color Play®, Coating Savercoat®, etc.) and proposes new high-quality designs, combining material effects, colors and contrasts: metallic aspects, shading or aging, matte and glossy contrasting, glitter, opaque, partial, transparent and distressed aspects, vivid and unique colors, etc.
These are innovative and unique solutions with added value that are perfectly adapted to a demanding market.