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Saverglass offers a wide range of colors that are available year-round thanks to regular production runs. In addition, the company develops specific shades or creates custom shades.

extra white by saverglass

Extra White: all the purity of glass by SAVERGLASS

To meet the demands of the luxury market, SAVERGLASS designs glass as a premium material: exceptional glass, the quality is defined by its extreme purity, its incomparable shine and perfect transparency. Composed of 95% silica, soda and lime, the glass is enhanced by the exclusive expertise of SAVERGLASS; with an alchemist’s touch, the remaining 5% is harmoniously combined to give the “Extra White” flint glass its unique luster.

The quality of the “glass skin”, its shine, its clarity, is also obtained because of the tools and the quality of the furnace used, the thorough maintenance of the molds and the numerous extremely precise settings.

Extra White flint is also the result of a demanding selection of the raw materials, including the very low iron content of the material, which results in perfect and unparalleled transparency.

the classic colors

CLASSIC AND TIMELESS, 6 colors to enhance bottles and flasks…

SAVERGLASS offers its customers a range of 6 glass colors: 6 classic, timeless shades for a broad range of uses.

Extra White flint: ideal for revealing the subtlety of the finest juices, Extra White is beautifully used by the biggest names in spirits and wines, food products and perfumes. As a result of the precision in the choice of raw materials and the careful treatment throughout the manufacturing process, the Extra White tint sparkles brilliantly with incomparable transparency.





Antique Green: a color created exclusively by Saverglass more than thirty years ago, Antique reflects a deep, intense and elegant green-bronze color. A shade particularly suited to showcase fine wines, special vintages and grands crus. The Antique tint is also highly valued in the gourmet food and other high-end food product segments for its light filtering quality.




Champagne Green: a classic reference in the world of sparkling wines, the Champagne color is also increasingly used in the wine market. As with its other tints, Saverglass takes great cares to create a “perfect glass skin” that is distinguished by its radiance and shine.




Amber and Dark Amberwith enhanced filtering capabilities and a strong character, these 2 shades of amber offer a seductive alternative for liqueurs and crème liqueurs.


the new colors (feeder coloration)

Select Colors® by SAVERGLASS: 8 innovative and distinct colors 

The result of a constant pursuit of product innovation and distinctive marketing solutions, SAVERGLASS Select Colors® is a new range of 8 original colors that opens up new possibilities in terms of design and creativity.

The Coloration Feeder can colors glass in bulk and produce 8 shades, real tools for premiumization and distinction in the wine and spirits sector.

The Select Colors® concept shakes up and stimulates the high-end bottle market ensuring its clients a strong identity to be visible in retail stores.

The shades Blue Ice, Grey Smoke, Blue Moon and Yellow Green are particularly suited to the spirits market.

The shades Miel, Water Green, Moka and Jade Green are ideal for the Still and Sparkling Wine segments.

For those who wish to highlight their unique qualities, “Select Colors®” can be customized. Saverglass would like to offer its customers the opportunity to create a specific color that will ensure a unique identity (5 to 150cl formats available). 

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