Can you remember your dreams? For some, you can recall faint outlines that immediately vanish as you reach out to touch them. Most are simply impossible to give form. What if you could finally bring them to life?

Now you can. Saverglass has invented ART & TOUCH®, an innovative high-precision finishing technology that pushes the boundaries of creation and design.


ART & TOUCH® by Saverglass fundamentally changes what can be achieved in relief decoration, opening a whole new landscape of possibility and marking a new era in 3D glass envraving: an era where anything and everything is possible.


Extreme finesse in decorative motifs and design, a new depth of graphic reliefs, ART & TOUCH® inspires creativity and celebrates imagination so that your visions and dreams of prestige and distinction can become reality.



Select colors


A major axis for research and development at Saverglass, the « Select Colors » concept is a new, original, selective and tailored-to-serve range of glass colors designed to release creative energies. The technique: the installation of coloring feeders allows glass coloration.


In automated glass making, there are two routes for bulk coloration glass bottles:
  • Classic coloration known as “bacth” or “furnace coloration”: Color elements (metal oxides) are incorporated into the formulation prior to entering the furnace. This vitrifiable mix is subsequently melted at 1550°C inside the furnace then transferred to the forming machines through feeder channels. The entire load of the furnace is thus treated as a single glass color.
  • “Feeder coloration“ in itself consists in coloring white flint at the exit of the furnace, inside the feeder channel leading to a single forming machine. Color is obtained by incorporating a glassy matrix loaded with metal oxides, called “Frit”.
Marketing-wise, it is a bold gamble on the part of Saverglass : to spark a new creative urge among clients and designers. The « Select Colors by Saverglass » concept offers an original collection of glass colors. Innovative, distinctive, value-enhancing, they lay the groundwork for a new innovative deal in up-market bottling ; they grant a strong identity, a guarantee of true visibility in the salesroom.
The « Select Colors » range offers a choice of 8 colors allowing to apprehend a fairly wide spectrum, applicable both to the universe of spirits and to that of still or sparkling wines : Blue Ice, Blue Moon, Water Green, Yellow Green, Grey Smoke, Honey, Mocha and Jade. Those 8 « Select Colors » colors constitute a new tool for « premium upgrade ».
For those wishing to emphasize the differentiation, the « Select Colors » can be customized. Saverglass wished to offer their clients the opportunity to create a specific color that would provide them with a unique marketing image. 


  • The basis of Saverglass extra-white is a guarantee of brilliance and purity of “Select Colors” colors.
  • Colors which are glorified by the design, the complex shapes and the thick glass bases of Saverglass Designs.
  • “Select Colors” represent a “premiumisation” tool on the Spirit, still and sparkling Wine markets.
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Blue Ice


Addressing multiple challenges

Traceability means, in particular, being able to isolate the cause of defects accurately, quickly and inexpensively.In global wines and spirits market where issues of quality, traceability and authentication are increasingly important, Saverglass offers a solution for identifying each bottle and tracing every component and operation that has gone into its production.

Download the leaflet :  traceability.pdf


Key advantages of traceability

Traceability : 

- Identifies each bottle and traces all operations that led to its production
- Reduces defects and non-standard products
- Protects against counterfeiting/ensures authentication
- Protects the brand image
- Showcases the bottle and its uniqueness
- Complies with food safety regulations (European directives, etc.)

The solution involves a data matrix code which cannot be altered. This solution ensures AN INNOVATIVE IDENTIFICATION SOLUTION THAT MEETS MARKET STANDARDS 

Product quality control, by providing

- Stricter quality control during production

- Swifter, more reliable responses to quality issues reported by customers

- Brand protection by reducing product recalls

Bottle authenticity, by

- Recognizing the bottle's identity

- Or recognizing a copy

Bottles individually identified with complete accuracy

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Blue moon