With its dual expertise in the manufacture and decoration of high-end glass bottles and carafes, SAVERGLASS offers its customers comprehensive, personalized support for each project. 

In addition to its expertise in production, quality, decoration and product finishing, Saverglass supports its customers and provides advice throughout the product development process. 

Because each project is unique, the Group makes a dedicated project team available at a single site.

By doing so, each project is studied individually, while taking into account its particular characteristics, its complexity and its constraints. The teams, made up of a project manager and a technical manager, provide an expert view and well thought out design and technical advice throughout the product development process.

The 6 keys to a successful project :

  • Approval of the dimensional aspects of the design by the Research Office and drawing up of the corresponding glassmaking plan
  • Create a 3D model for a 1st glimpse of the product
  • Launch of samples for approval
  • Production: Strict quality control throughout the production phase
  • Expert consultant presence during the product operations phase
  • ​Project monitoring carried out by a dedicated Quality Control Manager who is present throughout the product development phase and who takes any corrective actions necessary.


The world’s leading specialist in the manufacture and decoration of high-end bottles, the SAVERGLASS Group provides innovative solutions to groups and brands in the sectors of premium and super-premium wine and spirits, fragrances, cosmetics and food products.

With its glass and decorative expertise, and recognized for its innovation and the quality and design of its products, Saverglass is the preferred partner of brand creators, design agencies, independent producers and the largest global wine and spirits groups. 

Saverglass also targets fragrance and cosmetics groups, and offers original solutions for the olive oil market, for example.

Revenue by activity (in volume) :