Aurealis and Polaris: two new ways to highlight bottles
The most demanding consumers, like true explorers, are constantly looking for something new. Depth, reflections, trompe l'oeil …or a highlighted product. In order to meet these high-end expectations, Saverglass has created Aurealis and Polaris, two different ways to iridescently highlight wine and spirits bottles.

Aurealis: iridescent
with a capital letter

Faced with the growing demand for metallic, iridescent and rainbow-like effects, Saverglass has created a way to highlight bottles iridescently called Auréalis. 

Key advantages

  • the intensity of the iridescence can be adapted to each project;
  • each bottle is completely unique because the process is undertaken during the production phase, in accordance with each bottle’s unique specifications; 
  • the process is compatible with any glass color (e.g. transparent glass, colored glass, Select Colors®). It thus generates surprising results in combination with glass colors as well as the color of each liquid contained within the bottle; 
  • it is perfectly compatible with other design processes such as screen printing, hot stamping and different types of coatings.


for a new type of highlights



The positive experience we had with Auréalis led us to broaden the spectrum of our offers by creating a way to multiply the iridescent effects. It is called POLARIS

Key advantages


  • the process multiplies the sparkle and brilliance of the bottle's surface tenfold; 
  • the shine can even be further intensified depending on the color of the liquid in the bottle;
  • while less visible, the metallic interference’s effects are subtle.

Sobolinaya vodka - Russia

Sobolinaya vodka - Russia

Our aim is to establish an ultra-premium look thanks to this high-end process and, to create the effect of an aurora borealis created by the vodka contained in the bottle. 

Sobolinaya Vodka success story

Customer testimony


Les Vins du Mont Ventoux - France

Objective: to achieve premium positioning thanks to an unusual and innovative finishing solution for wines that will create buzz on the market. 

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