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Outlined below are the twelve labors that allowed us to transform those glorious feats into divine inspiration that gave birth to the HERCULES Carafe:

  1. The first task was to imagine a form that would combine an exalting, generous, slender and majestic profile;
  2. The beautiful balance of his svelte profile and athletic body then had to be drawn out.
  3. Later, symbolized by strong vivacious lines...


  4. ... and an imposing chestplate for personalization;
  5. To overcome the fifth ordeal, Hercules was asked to display beautifully straight and elongated glass columns;


  6. The next task was to shape a thick, pure and perfectly straight glass base;
  7. Hercules then had to undertake the supernatural task of bending and shaping the glass heel to capture and reflect the light of the liquid it would contain.
  8. The flawless sensation of the barrel was then reinforced by a base as refined as possible;


  9. To carry out the ninth task, Hercules added a double curve over the entire top of the bottle, for greater stature and harmony;
  10. No sooner had he finished, when he was asked to perform his tenth, and most difficult mission: using his legendary sword to carve out the heroic shoulder of the decanter, with sharp square angles, mirror his own broad stature.
  11. Then, he plunged his sword into the top of the bottle, enriching it’s appearance by leaving the impression of a little inverted pyramid, the identifying characteristic of this model.
  12. The twelfth labor of Hercules was an exercise in synthesis: infusing the multitude of details that defines the grace of a product and distinguishes it from all others.