New Products

Prestige Collection

Vintage-inspired "Aristocrates" models are perfectly in sync with the aspirations of the moment. The heavy glass weight and depth of punt lend authenticity to the models’ elite style.


An image of strength and poise

The charismatic Bordelaise HERMÈS enchants with its classic beauty and elegantly balanced proportions. With a glass weight of 1,000 g, it features a carré finish, sloped shoulder and deep punt, elevating the impressive Hermès to iconic status.


Opulence personified

The Bordelaise MERCURE is imposing with its powerful, poised shape, drawing its undeniable lineage from the HERMÈS model. It is characterized by the slope of its shoulder and its deep punt, as well as its exceptional glass weight (1,200 g), all of which make it the perfect companion to the most prestigious vintages.


Sovereign grace

The impressive, majestic silhouette of ALEKA is the result of its conical shape and its exceptional glass weight of 1,200 g.

Its deep punt and sleek stature (height 325.8 mm) positions the model as the most luxurious in its category.


Aristocratic allure

A faithful replica of the bourguignonnes of old, LA BARONNE deploys the uncompromising aristocratic marks inherited from its lofty lineage: the stature of a diva, the most impressive punt in our collection (70 mm high), an asymmetric shoulder and its 950 g weight all contribute to the model's "antique" character.


The "Extravagantes" line boasts a range of contemporary designs. The weight of the glass conveys noble and precious values.  Weight also influences the dimensions of the flask - the heavier it is, the larger, wider, and more visible and luxurious it becomes.


The divine spark

With its extreme glass weight of 1,200 g and its powerful silhouette, the purified design of the Bordelaise VINO SANTO lends it a modern and refined touch. Its sleek lines, cylindrical base, racy heel diameter, and an imposing finish mounted on short neck are the most notably distinctive features of the VINO SANTO.


A voluptuous silhouette

With its Bordelaise inspiration, CONSTANCE SUPERBIA seduces with its slender silhouette. Its slightly tapered shape coupled with a fleshy shoulder  create a bottle of generous and statuesque elegance. It is the deep punt however that places it squarely in the category of unique flasks, conceived to enhance precious contents.


A truly exceptional bottle

With its extreme 1,200 g glass weight, a highly characteristic shoulder, the solid, earthy shape of its cylindrical body, its special finish and the square profile of its deep punt, the Bordelaise GRAND APPARAT symbolizes the "domaine" image, which is deeply respectful of the roots and the values recognized in the wine-growing world.


A model that meets the highest standards

Created to reveal the exceptional poise and nobility of the finest wines, LA DIVINE captivates with its proud bearing and a design that blends strength and elegance.

LA DIVINE has it all - exceptional height for its category (309 mm), high glass weight (1,005 g) and near-record punt (60 mm).