Saverglass' CSR Report 2020-21 is now available!

Why and what for?


Conscious of our role as a global economic player, we have long realized the importance of preserving the environment and our resources.  Our ambition combines the reduction of our current and future carbon footprint  while continuing to offer bottles of impeccable quality, with innovative shapes.

It hasn't always been easy, but we have believed in it since the beginning. Our commitment of more than twenty years, materialized by simple and pragmatic actions dedicated to the environment and to our social and societal commitments, is now framed by our CSR program. Named IT'S ALL ABOUT DOING, this program has become the course we are set on!

Being responsible also means being transparent. This is why, in our 2020-2021 CSR report, we are pleased to not only share our progress but also acknowledge our future challenges.

What is our carbon impact? What actions have been implemented to reduce it? What will it be tomorrow?

What's more, what are we doing to improve the quality of life at work, and the health and safety of our employees?

Finally, what is our involvement in the economic and social life of the geographical areas where we operate?

These questions constitute a non-exhaustive list of the subjects we cover in this document and the challenges we face.

We have no more secrets for you!

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CSR Report cover