Saverglass' CSR Report 2021-22 is now available!

What progress?


Saverglass has been working towards accomplishing our CSR commitments for more than 20 years. These goals include: ensuring the health and safety of our teams in the workplace, training and developing the skills of our employees, and actively participating in the development of the regions where we are located. Additionally, we are changing our energy mix with the goal of cutting our carbon use nearly in half by the year 2035 and achieving complete carbon neutrality by 2050.

Saverglass' commitment to a structured Corporate Social Responsibility approach is relatively recent, becoming formalized last year when we published our first CSR report.

Transparency and responsibility go hand in hand, which is why we are pleased to share our progress in CSR and look towards our future challenges with a new edition of the CSR report 2021-2022. Below, you will find actions we are taking in the environmental, social, and societal fields, all under the framework of our CSR program: IT'S ALL ABOUT DOING.

Download the CSR Report

CSR Report cover