Presentation of Saverglass
The Saverglass Group manufactures and decorates high-end glass bottles for wines and spirits. Recognized for its mastery of know-how, the quality of its products and the originality of its creations, the Group, the guardian of the great tradition of French master glassmakers, has made a name for itself throughout the world through its capacity for innovation, which has become a true corporate culture.

The world specialist
in luxury bottles

Today, Saverglass is the world's leading player in the market for high-end bottles. Thanks to its know-how, creativity, culture of quality applied to the most rigorous standards, and experience acquired in custom-made bottles for all categories of spirits throughout the world, the Group takes great care to enhance premium spirits, fine wines and champagnes, paying particular attention to the translation of their uniqueness. Saverglass bottles express and protect all the passion, care and time that producers devote to making these exceptional beverages and showcase their universe and their profound difference.


Glass and decoration:
a unique comprehensive offer

Saverglass masters both the glass and glass bottle decoration trades and will accompany you in your project from the idea to the actual production of the bottle. For Saverglass, a bottle is much more than just glass: it is above all a beautiful object, that personifies your excellence and your difference. To make it look like you, the experts at Saverglass give it its shape (more than 250 ranges are available or by creating a specific model) and its color, engrave it (glass engraving) and master all the finishing techniques to give it its unique appearance. Ink-screen printing, coating, acid-etching, sandblasting, 3D decoration, hot stamping, setting accessories... Saverglass multiplies the possibilities of freeing up imagination and creativity. So many answers for those who wish to resort to originality, differentiation and value creation.


Discover the dual specialty of Saverglass


The backbone of the company

Saverglass is world renowned for the excellence of its products and services. On this front, we cannot take anything for granted. We combine our pursuit of excellence with the demand to constantly improve our performance on a daily basis. To achieve this, the Group very early on based its quality approach on the ISO 9001 standard, becoming the first glass group to be awarded to this standard. The ISO 9001 standard covers the ability to design, produce, inspect and deliver products following a constant process to ensure continuous quality. The products manufactured by Saverglass are for the food industry and are designed according to the HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) system. All of the company’s production sites are also certified ISO 14001 (environmental management) and ISO 22000 (food safety) standards. 

Finally, Saverglass rounds off its quality approach with the 22301 certification for "Business Continuity Management". The company was the first glass and decoration company in the world to receive this certification in 2014. This is a testament to its ability to guarantee its clients continued service in exceptional situations.

A passion for innovation

Saverglass cultivates a pioneering spirit that has established its reputation throughout the world. Leading innovation projects and creation is the core business of its employees divided between the R&D department, the design offices, the glass and decoration development departments, computer graphics and marketing. In total, nearly 200 people work permanently on innovation-related projects. 
This culture permeates the entire Group and enables it to:

  • propose creative designs that accompany and anticipate major trends (more than 400 new designs and decorations are created each year);
  • constantly improve its industrial facilities to offer you more technological solutions and greater performance.
  • place its full capacity for innovation at the service of its environmental commitment.

Saverglass innovations

Worldwide presence

In order to be closer to its customers, the Saverglass group has developed a network of distribution subsidiaries and representative offices in France and abroad, enabling it to sell its products across the world. Accordingly, its sales teams cover all the major production areas for premium wines and spirits in the world. 
Saverglass is present mainly in: 


  • Europe and Russia; 
  • the United States, Mexico, the Caribbean and Central America;
  • Australia and New Zealand;
  • South Africa, etc.;

This worldwide presence is reinforced by glass and decor production plants in France, Belgium, Mexico and the United Arab Emirates. 
Saverglass bottles are thus shipped to more than 100 countries. But their journey doesn't stop there. In the most beautiful places in the world, when you open a good bottle, it is often a Saverglass.


Saverglass in the world

A word from the President

"For the first time, the Saverglass Group has passed the symbolic €500 million turnover mark after 30 years of sustained growth averaging +10% per year. The desirability of our products, the creativity and quality of our decanters and bottles, but also of the finishes that adorn them, the innovations that reward them, the talent and commitment of our teams are all assets of the Group that once again make the difference. The launch of our latest-generation glass and decoration production unit in North America, in Guadalajara, Mexico, and the strengthening of our production resources in Europe through the recent acquisition of the Ghlin plant in Belgium, provide us with the means to support your growth. 
Saverglass is driven by a permanent quest for quality linked to excellence, by a long-term vision aimed at progress and a sense of responsibility for the company's actions, particularly in its commitment to environmental conservation and the social and societal challenges of our planet."

Jean-Marc Arrambourg, CEO 


Jean-Marc Arrambourg, PDG de Saverglass

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