A passion for high-precision decoration
Saverglass has built its identity and reputation on the combination of a unique expertise in glass-making and creative design, as well as an offer in high-quality decoration, allowing us to master even the most demanding projects. This expertise, turned into passion by our Master decorators, is clearly servicing product sublimation.

A real passion for decoration

Driven by its own business unit, Decoration is the group’s second activity. Four decoration manufacturing plants are located in France and North America, producing over 150 million decorated bottles each year. 
The techniques and know-how we offer cover a multitude of capabilities and a very complete range of processes, which can often-times be combined : 

  • Screenprinting using organic inks (100% recyclable), enamel inks or precious metals; 
  • Coating (Savercoat ®), whether full, partial, gradient, matte or glossy;
  • Pad printing;
  • Application of vitrifiable decals;
  • Acid etching;
  • Sand blasting;
  • Hot stamping;
  • Metalization; 
  • 3D decoration: Art&Touch ®
  • Application of accessories (medallion, metallic accessory, ornament, …)

Beyond the technical wording, our master decorators are proud to express their passion for their craft. They have developed their expertise over more than 30 years while following technological advances, and are driven by the need for excellence towards one objective: make your product unique. 


Our decoration techniques

as a differentiation tool

Create a striking impression, increase the visual impact of your brand… 
To differentiate yourself from the competition and attract consumers you need innovative decoration solutions.

Saverglass helps you complement the differentiation using the shape of your bottle, with modular solutions that allow you to add graphics, whether simple or complex.

The possible combinations are extensive. They can allow you to create spectacular effects: reflective glossy effects, multi-color organic screenprints combined with hot-stamping, Savercoat®, whether full, partial or gradient, glossy or matte, opaque or translucent, night effects… even 3D decoration. All are solutions designed to meet the demands of your most creative projects.

Pioneer in recyclable
organic decoration

To reduce its ecological footprint, Saverglass has long invested in the recyclability of decorations. As early as 2005, we launched our first decoration solutions using organic inks.  


Since then, the techniques created within the group have allowed us to convert our production equipment for organic inks, which we now use for close to 75% of our decorations. 


Saverglass continues its innovation efforts by developing new materials and processes, to increase the recyclability of bottles and to achieve the goal of environmental excellence.


Our sustainability commitment


In constant
search of new effects

The material offers a double sensorial reality: one that touches us (visually, most evidently) and one that we touch. 

Saverglass explores new sensorial effects, more subtle, which participate in the consumer’s quest for innovation, as well as surprise: 

  • the « soft touch » effect or satin acid-etching produce a silky touch, 
  • sand-blasting etches glass with a rough texture inspiring authenticity, 
  • or more recently, the spectacular 3D effect in decors where details are finely reproduced. Developed by Saverglass, Art & Touch ® creates a new 3D decoration technique and multiplies the possibilities. 

So many sensory effects to exalt senses and create a surprise!

The decoration by Saverglass