Cookies Policy
For statistical and display purposes, this site uses cookies. These are small text files stored on your hard disk to record technical data about your navigation. Some parts of this website may not function without the acceptance of cookies.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a text file that can be saved in a dedicated area on the hard drive of your device (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.) when you access an online service with your web browser.

A cookie file allows its issuer to identify the device on which it is saved during the validity period or storage of the cookie concerned.

What are the cookies used
on our website?

Depending on your choice, we may need to save various cookies, including those for security, functionality and statistics, in order to: 

  • Implement security measures, for example, by asking you to log in again after a certain length of time,
  • Enable us to remember the choices you make (preferred language, display resolution, subscribed services, etc.) in order to provide you with the personalized or improved features you selected when you visit,
  • Obtain statistics about web traffic and the use of our website,
  • And detect navigation problems so that we can monitor and improve the quality of our services.

How do you make
choices about cookies?

You can always configure your browser to express and change your wishes.
You can set your browser to accept or block specific cookies, all cookies systematically or occasionally, or cookies depending on the issuer.
If you block the storage of cookies on your device, you can no longer benefit from a number of features that are, nevertheless, necessary to visit some of the areas of our website.
Every browser has different procedures for managing your cookie settings: 

  • For Internet Explorer

Go to "Tools > Internet options."

Click on the "Privacy" tab.

Click on the "Advanced" button, then select the desired box.

  • For Firefox

Go to "Open menu > Options". 

Select the "Privacy & Security" panel.

Go to "Cookies and Site Data" and select the desired option.

  • For Chrome

Select "Settings."

Go to "Privacy and security."

Click on "Site settings."

Make you selection under "Cookies and site data."

  • For Safari

Go to "Safari > Preferences."

Click on "Privacy."

Make your choice.

  • For Opera

Go to "Settings > Advanced."

Click on "Privacy & Security" then click on "Site Settings."

Click on "Cookies and Site Data" and make your selection.

  • For Android

Go to "Settings > Privacy and Security."

Choose your settings

Social media cookies

Some of our website pages have buttons or third-party social networking modules that enable you to use the features of social networks, including sharing content from our website with other people or making your opinion of the content on the website known to others.
When you visit a web page with these buttons or modules, even if you have not used the buttons or modules, your browser may send information to the social network, which can then identify you and monitor your visit.
We have no control over the cookies used by social networking sites. Please refer to the specific privacy policies of each social networking site to learn about the purposes of use of the information that they may collect.