The world Specialist in value creation and customization
Saverglass places its experience of customization at your disposal to accompany you in your premiumization strategies. To increase the perceived value of your products, to showcase the excellence, the quality, the passion and the engagement they contain, is the essence of our know-how.

A unique position in
the market of luxury bottles

Back in 1985 Saverglass made a clear choice: to specialize in luxury bottles. At the time, it meant offering the flexibility of small production runs for markets such as Cognac and others. Since then, the Group has built all its growth on this positioning. In 1991, we started our decoration activity which completed our offering in high-end solutions to meet the growing demand of sophistication and personalization of bottles.

Today, Saverglass is the leading world player on the market of premium and super premium bottles for wines and spirits

Our industrial resources and our know-how allow us to handle very large volumes, but also to meet our customers’ very specific demand for smaller, special productions. 

Technological expertise, quality of services, reactivity: these three assets allow Saverglass to occupy a unique position on the luxury bottle market. 


An offering dedicated
to premiumization

Saverglass makes available to its customers an offering of products and services aimed to stimulate brands, help premiumize their products and solidify premium, super-premium or prestige positionings. 


To do so, the group has developed: 

- The Saverglass collection: the broadest offering in the market

With more that 200 lines of wine and spirits bottles, the Saverglass collection is renowned for its original designs, which stand out from the traditional shapes found on the market.

The depth of our lines - up to 20 different sizes from 5 CL to 6 L, for some - is another irrefutable strength of the Saverglass catalog. As a result, a brand launched with a specific bottle and size will generally find, within our collection, all the sizes needed to expand on new markets.


Our catalogs


- Personalization options to make our collection model your own

Finding “a good fit” is one thing, but making one of our collection models your own by embossing your brand identity takes your product to a new level of differentiation:

  • change glass colors, or even create your own color,
  • add bubbles or other surface effects,
  • add embossing (raised) or debossing (depressed) to the finish, the shoulder, the body or the punt of the bottle,

Saverglass gives you the possibility to make one of our catalog bottles your own.  

The colors of glass

Glass embossing


- Decoration options to push differentiation even further

After the bottle has been produced, many different decoration options are still available to make your bottle different: organic, enamel and precious metal screenprinting, hot stamping, coating, acid-etching, sand-blasting, 3D relief printing, metallization…

The range of decoration processes



- Expertise to design and develop custom products:

Designing a custom packaging means giving your product a unique signature. You will be creating a bottle that will be original, with its specific dimensions and every detail will count. We will accompany you in every step of the process from design to production, even to decoration or application of accessories.

Increasing the perceived value
of your product: our obsession

Your product is rare or precious? You want to give visibility to its originality? You want its level of excellence to be reflected by the packaging you choose? You are projecting to premiumize your product? 

By using different levels of sophistication, you can premiumize your bottle while creating value. 

For a mid-range wine or spirit, dare to use a less typical glass color or an original artwork. A less standard-looking bottle makes your product stand-out and increase its perceived value.

For a super premium or prestige brand, combine personalization and decoration options: create you own glass color, add engravings, create a harmonious artwork by combining hot-stamping with screenprinting, or by adding an accessory… Showcase your know-how and the excellence of your product.

Small or large,
All prestigious!

As a partner of brand creators, craft spirits brands or independent wineries, Saverglass also works with the largest wines and spirits groups.

We are structured to provide high quality service to all sizes and types of customers, we strive to be nimble, creative and to always produce with passion, bottles that become references. 

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