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Manufacturer and Decorator

Dual expertise at the service of excellence and singularity

Saverglass has built its identity and reputation as a specialist in the manufacturing and personalization of luxury glass bottles, by combining two complementary areas of expertise: bottle manufacturer and decorator.

Saverglass stands out on the market of wines and spirits by combining two areas of expertise: as a manufacturer and as a decorator of glass bottles for high-end wines and spirits brands. This dual expertise not only has contributed to building the company’s identity and reputation, but it also allows us to offer customers a more comprehensive product development support for projects requiring both glass and decoration, where every detail counts.

Combining our expert knowledge of glass and processes with virtuosity and creativity, our Group meets the goals of excellence and singularity by offering designs that are modern, original, timeless or even groundbreaking.

For decades, Saverglass has developed a know-how recognized by any brand looking to create differentiation and value-creation:
•    the expertise of a manufacturer of high-end glass bottles, acquired over 120 years of operation
•    the making of exceptional glass: the EXTRA-FLINT glass from Saverglass, but also the other colors we offer, produced to meet the same quality requirements
•    a unique catalogue by its choice of shapes and the depth of its ranges,
•    the adhoc personalization of our bottles, by using a different glass color, glass embossing or decoration
•    the ability to create custom bottles outside of all standards
•    in short, tailored creations for the premium wine and spirits markets.

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