The colors of Glass
To meet the demand of the high-end and luxury markets, Saverglass offers a selection 15 glass colors. "Classic colors" are offered year-round in scheduled color production campaigns, but Saverglass also offers multiple "new" or personalized colors to stand out in the wine and spirits markets.

The Extra-white flint glass:
the beauty "enhancer"

The very high level of sophistication sought by the luxury market allows no compromise on the quality of our glass ; "the container must be at the level of the liquid it contains".

The Extra-white flint glass offered by Saverglass is an exceptional glass characterized by its transparency, its unique brilliance and luster.

While silica, soda and lime make up for 95% of its composition, the remaining 5% come from the rare and confidential expertise of Saverglass’ Master glassmakers, who render this material truly high-end. 

This unique recipe is enhanced by a number of characteristics that make it unique:

  • Its brilliance, its clarity and the quality of its appearance, which is the privilege of age-old and rare expertise.
  • The high-quality « glass skin» of the surface of our bottles and decanters, which comes from the tooling and the quality of the cast iron used, the great care with which our molds are prepared and maintained, and the precision of the multiple settings used during production. 

The Extra-Flint glass also comes from our demanding specification for raw materials, with a very low level of iron which gives our glass its perfect and unmatched transparency.

Hercules - Saverglass

simplicity and elegance
The "classic" colors:

Saverglass offers its clients 5 glass colors year-round. These classic colors are timeless and offer UV filtration characteristics often sought after for many types of wines and spirits.

For all colors offered, Saverglass takes great care in producing unrivaled “glass skin”, which stands out by its luster and brilliance.

Les teintes classiques : antique, extra-blanc, champagne, onyx, jaune foncé - Saverglass

The Extra-white flint

The Antique color

The Champagne Green color

The Dark Amber and Light Amber colors

The "new" colors:
for a strong identity

Select Colors® by Saverglass is a game changer for high-end bottles. The 8 original Select Colors® broaden the field of possibilities in design and provide brands with the assurance of a strong identity to visually stand out in the retail environment.
A collection of 8 glass colors is offered:

  • 4 colors for the Spirits market: Blue Ice, Grey Smoke, Blue Moon and Yellow Green, 


  • 4 colors for the still and sparkling Wine markets: Honey, Water Green, Moka, Jade Green,



Less conventional, these "new" colors offer a differentiation and "premiumization" tool for wine and spirits brands.

Onyx, the black glass:
unique and sophisticated

Saverglass offers a deep and elegant black glass named Onyx, available year-round. 


Although it is not a color by definition, black carries a very strong image often associated with Luxury, Exclusivity, Sophistication and even Mystery. Naturally "stylish", it conveys at first glance an impression of distinction and grace, and through its simplicity provides rigor and sometimes even mystery. 


Onyx glass meets the objective of differentiation sought by premium brands with a glass that is both sophisticated and stylish. It also fully carries the essential qualities of the Saverglass glass: brilliance, luster, and beautiful "glass skin". Its opacity also provides excellent UV filtration to preserve premium spirits.


Empire green:
the color of mystery and style

The Saverglass Empire green color is reminiscent of the luxury bottles from the early 19th century. At that time in France, to please the Emperor, artists, decorators and architects created a new style featuring the most luxurious materials, the deepest colors and the cleanest lines. This exuberant style strongly inspired by Antiquity, is used to impress, and suggests hidden treasures and luxury.

Elegant and stylish, the Empire green color brings magnificence and mystery to the best still and sparkling wines. It highlights the exceptional quality of "grands crus" and best vintages.

Its deep and intense green color also provides an excellent UV filtration to preserve still and sparkling wines. 

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