Create a custom bottle
To develop a custom bottle is to choose to create a unique bottle, made to your specifications to project the image of your brand and you product. This approach gives you the freedom to work on the slightest details of your container. Saverglass works with you every step of the project.

A taylor-made bottle to
create your difference

On the wine and spirits market, the options are limitless. To differentiate thanks to a unique, strong and recognizable product, is an advantage that will make your product stand out. At Saverglass, we work to create the right shape, that shape that will produce in the consumer the emotional impulse to purchase your product, but will also tell your story, your values, your positioning as well as the necessity to bring something new, to create, to innovate.
At Saverglass, seduction, imagination, innovation are not just declarations of intentions: they are our tools, our daily reality as evidenced by the number, the diversity and oftentimes the complexity of the products we create. Designing the shape, selecting the color and other personalisation options, decorating, applying accessories… While respecting the original spirit of the product, Saverglass always find THE most adapted technical solution and design to assure the feasibility of each project.

Saverglass: a partner,
a specialist of differentiation

Saverglass has  been a longtime partner for brands and design agencies that want to embark on this ultimate adventure: to create a custom bottle or decanter that will be different from anything that has been done before.
A specialist of differentiation, Saverglass capitalizes on: 

  • 120 years of expérience in the development of custom shapes of bottles and decanters;
  • several hundred new development projects each year;
  • 30 years of creation of new models for our own collection;
  • its knowledge of all the categories of spirits and wines in the world;
  • its rigorous product development methodology, overseen by a dedicated project team;
  • the quality and reliability of our productions;
  • its capacity to accomplish truly complex shapes and decorations.

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