Steering Committees
The Group

The Chairmanship
of the Supervisory Board

Jean-Marc ARRAMBOURG Chairman of the Supervisory Board

The Executive Committee

Jean-Marc ARRAMBOURG Chief Executive Officer
Eric BARTHÉLÉMY - Human Resources Director
Eric BARTHÉLÉMY Human Resources Director
Franck COLLET Sales Director
Nicolas NAUWYNCK Technical Director
Thierry PARESYS Director of Operational Excellence
Grégoire QUEVY Transformation Director
Joël RABETTE Administrative & Financial Director
Alexandre TISSOT-FAVRE Production Director

The Management Committee

Jean-Marie BACHELET France Sales Director
Philippe BARNAGAUD President & CEO of Saverglass Inc.
Florence BRASSEUR Sales Administration & Customer Support Director
Stéphane CALLE Chief Information Officer
Laurent CHARRIERE Export Sales Director
Richard CHEVREUX Group Deputy Chief Financial Officer
Alexandre DE MARSAC Technical Director
Charles-Henri DE ROBILLARD Cognac Sales Director
Véronique DEBIEUVRE Northem Europe Sales Director
Vincent DESJONQUERES Decoration Production Director
Frédéric DUPUIS Director of R&DD
Pascal GRENTE Feuquières Plant Director
Stéphane KIRAZ Purchasing Director
Stéphan Marin, Mexico Sales Director
Stéphan MARIN France/Iberica/Italy Sales Director
François MERLATEAU Latin America Sales Director
Christophe PAUGET Management Control Director
Emmanuel PUONS -  Directeur de l'élaboration du Verre
Emmanuel PUONS Glass Melting Director
Jean-Michel TARET Central Projet Director
Eric TARTARE Technical Expertise Director