Guaranteeing the safety of our teams and sustaining our expertise

Health & safety
at work

Our business lines mainly come under the heading of heavy industry, and some of our operations are incredibly demanding. Therefore, workplace health and safety are absolute priorities for all personnel, regardless of the nature of their job duties. Our approach hinges on prevention. The effectiveness of our safety culture depends on flawless management of the processes that contribute to the overall performance of Saverglass.

Preventing hazards at work

In addition to regularly updating our equipment, whose safety standards are increasingly stringent, our safety policy focuses on individual behaviors and shared vigilance. The policy is rolled out at all our sites in France and abroad with assistance from specialist firm iD.QUATION.

This approach has reinforced the traditional prevention method based on risk analysis and action plans to manage those risks and related training programs. Our training aims to develop preventive behaviors by considering the causes of accidents, risky behaviors, and each individual's capacity for action.

Change in frequency rate of occupational accidents, 2007 to 2021

& careers

At Saverglass, we combine over a century of expertise with innovation and cutting-edge technology. Workforce training and professional skills building are critical challenges. Furthermore, the Group is committed to attracting the best talent, promoting diversity, and creating satisfactory working conditions.

Competences et carrieres


Promoting skills acquisition for our employees and supporting their progress

Career development is one source of motivation for Saverglass employees.

The number of managers promoted internally within the company is a significant characteristic of the Group. A dynamic and continuous approach based on knowledge acquisition through versatility management characterizes progression in the production departments.

The diversity of projects and growth of the Group make cross-disciplinary work increasingly important. As a result, everyone can discover and measure the impact of roles other than their own. Opening out to other departments enables us to broaden employees' personal development. Career managers and Human Resources Managers support this. Regular meetings are held to study individual career paths based on experience, skills acquired, and the future needs of the Group.

To this end, Saverglass employees are the company's main asset.

Internal mobility

All our vacancies are posted on our Intranet. They are visible to all our employees, allowing them to access and apply for positions available in France and abroad. For our non-connected employees, a dedicated display is provided in the production units


Providing in-house training

Sharing knowledge is one of the primary focal points of the Saverglass Group's training policy.

Sharing know-how: Glass and decoration schools

"Old hands" known for their technical mastery and teaching skills instruct employees in best practices throughout their careers. Beyond the training provided when employees first join the Group, each stage in their professional development comes with its own specially adapted training program.

In 2018, a cohort of 480 new employees in Mexico participated in Saverglass training modules taught in Spanish by in-house trainers sent from France just for the occasion. In addition, over 300 French employees traveled to Mexico to provide hands-on training. The modules are now being rolled out to the 260 employees of MD Verre, a Belgian plant acquired by Saverglass in 2019.


Encouraging learning through partnerships

Alongside this original approach, Saverglass has created "hotbeds" in partnership with the professional training centers adjacent to its main  site. Students with college or university degrees are recruited on permanent contracts and supported for one or two full years to obtain a university or professional degree.

Saverglass also pursues a policy of dynamic relations with schools and universities in the regions in which it operates (Le Havre, Beauvais, Saint-Omer, Coulommiers). The partnerships created translate into offers of internships in France and abroad. We are regularly present on school selection panels, as well as at many employment or internship forums. We also have exchanges with universities for research work.

Encourager l’apprentissage par des partenariats


Ongoing training policy

A continuous training policy supports the ongoing development of employees' skills. The annual training plan has four main priorities: 

  • The sharing of expertise and knowledge management 
  • Maintaining responsiveness at all levels
  • Developing innovation
  • Internationalisation

Quality of life
at work

Qualité de vie au travail


Actively listening to employees

Saverglass was built on the commitment of its employees.

In the spirit of dialogue, Saverglass conducted a quantitative and then qualitative QLW (Quality of Life at Work) survey in 2017 at all its sites. It took the form of one-on-one interviews. This study made it possible to identify areas for improvement and to implement and manage an action plan in each of the Group's entities in France.

This action plan has been defined by joint committees, composed of the Directors, managers and unions.

Five main areas were covered: 

  • Management and workplace relations
  • Local and corporate communication
  • Skills and job management
  • Working patterns and intensity
  • Working conditions 

The approach was coordinated at the Group level by a liaison committee and by a steering committee at each site. The survey was entrusted to an independent firm to ensure complete objectivity in the analysis. Since then, actions have been implemented at each of our factories.

Promoting social dialogue and communication between employees

At Saverglass, social dialogue is based on openness and participation, which materializes through direct dialogue with employees and their representatives. Also, works councils have been established in line with the regulations applicable in each country where Saverglass operates. These bodies are led in person by the Group President to maintain direct contact between management and employee representatives. 

Favoriser le dialogue social et la communication entre les collaborateurs


In Europe, councils are organized every month at each site. In Mexico, the company facilitates social dialogue with a union, including annual negotiations on wages and benefits. In the United Arab Emirates, since the concept of unions does not exist, Saverglass builds social dialogue through regular contact meetings. 

Beyond institutional communication, direct contact remains the preferred vehicle for exchanges between managers and their teams.

Finally, for the in-depth portrayal of the men and women involved in the Group's major projects, a periodical magazine is distributed to each employee's home once or twice a year.


This has been a long-standing conviction in our Group. A substantial share of the wealth generated by the company should go back to the personnel who make it possible. Therefore, Saverglass employees share in the Group's growth through several mechanisms.

→ A profit-sharing agreement has been in place since 2001. It is regularly updated and indexed to the most relevant indicators to everyone's work. There is an option to combine it with "super profit-sharing" (triggered by financial criteria) in the case of extraordinary results. This system is offered at all the Group's production sites worldwide and is adapted to local law as applicable. In the last five years, the profit-sharing bonuses have amounted to at least 8% and up to 14% of gross
annual salary.

→ In addition, the establishment of a shareholding program available to everyone enables each employee to experience the company like an entrepreneur. Some 6,4% of employees are Group shareholders.




Diversity and equal opportunities

We have made respecting differences the first of the Group's five cardinal values. Saverglass adheres to the Corporate Diversity Charter meaning that objective and non-discriminatory recruitment criteria are applied, ensuring that only the professional competence of a candidate is judged.

Establishing fair recruitment and remuneration policies

Valuing differences is the first of the Group's five HR values. In France, adhering to the Corporate Diversity Charter means that objective and non-discriminatory recruitment criteria are applied, ensuring that only the professional competence of a candidate is judged.

Saverglass is also a member of the Club des Entreprises Inclusives (Inclusive Company Club). The purpose of this club is to put companies in the recruitment phase in touch with professional integration associations of various types (disabilities, migrants, reintegration, etc.) to offer everyone a chance to access employment. In 2020, Saverglass launched a qualifying integration approach with Les Apprentis d'Auteuil as part of their Skola scheme. This scheme enables people without vocational training, with inadequate training, or in a situation of exclusion to regain employability through a work-study contract leading to a qualification.

"In this way, we are looking to favor people located in geographical areas with economic and social difficulties or social distress concerning employment,” says Donia Djedid, Recruitment Manager.

Acting in favor of professional equality is an approach that is encompassed in the Group's strategy. A policy of equal pay has also been established. 

Promoting diversity 

Equal opportunity is rooted in our managerial practices, and we are working to strengthen the diversity of our teams. To guide, evaluate and improve its actions, the Group relies on, among other things, the gender equality index by production site in France.

Favoriser la mixite


Promoting the integration of and adaptation to our disabled employees

Events, training, and communication campaigns about disability were conducted to raise our employees' awareness of working with disabilities. Dispelling the image of disability, bringing people closer together, and making current or future employees with disabilities feel comfortable were the objectives of a specific campaign conducted over three consecutive years. The results were measured by the number of people who discovered their rights. A social worker took over from the campaigns to continue the approach on a case-by-case basis. Specific research, carried out in conjunction with occupational medicine, is helping to explore the possibility of adapting particular workstations. Ergonomic studies have also led to introducing materials limiting the risks of disability associated with repetitive movements. Regular training is provided to learn the correct actions and posture at workstations.

In 2020, Saverglass was committed to developing a reflection on the end-of-career arrangements for employees aged 60 and over who have developed their careers in the production sectors. The objective is to maintain employment for as long as possible under the best conditions for persons exposed to the physical constraints of workstations.

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