Design & Research

Research & Development Project Manager

Managing R&D projects

The R&D Project Manager is the real force behind innovative projects, taking the lead on research and development activities selected as part of the Saverglass Group’s innovation strategy. Whether there is a need to optimize an existing process or develop a new industrial process, the project manager coordinates the work, monitors the progress aginst set objectives, identifies problems and proposes solutions, while ensuring that deadlines are met and managing costs.

Leading a project team

The R&D Project Manager leads a project team that includes employees from different departments as well as from external service providers (laboratories, technical units, universities, suppliers, etc.). From design to the industrial manufacturing of the project, the Project Manager collates the results from the different areas and reports back to the team and management with these results. The Project Manager also monitors emerging technological developments and proposes areas for innovative research.


  • Trained as an engineer, the R&D Project Manager has proven experience in R&D projects in an industrial environment.
  • The Project Manager must be fluent in English, proactive, a good leader and creative.

Research & Development Engineer

Promoting innovation
The R&D Engineer’s job is one of technological excellence supporting innovation within the Saverglass Group. They lead research and development work within the framework of the project – as a project manager or contributor – or working independently within a specific area of research. They draw up the specifications and operating specifications for the equipment being studied, proposing different avenues and exploring the most promising areas, whilst keeping to the objectives, timeframes and budget.
Supporting innovation
The R&D engineer is a central link between many areas within the company and provides technical support for the various departements within the Group departments (production, QHSE, marketing, purchasing, technical management, etc.) in terms of the methods, industrial and commercial rollout of the new products, as well as training in new processes. They support prototype production launches at different production sites.
  • Trained as an engineer, the R&D Engineer has professional experience in an industrial setting.
  • They must be fluent in English and be able to work independently, be proactive, and have good analytical and reporting skills.


Jean François Segaut - Design Department Designer

For how long have you been doing this job? I have been at this job for 15 years that have been filled with learning.

Why do you like this job? I like my work because it is at the heart of the process of creating new products with tools that use the latest 3D technology.

What made you want to join Saverglass? The attractiveness of a daring company that invests in the future.


Alexandre Laloup - R&D Engineer 

For how long have you been doing this job?  After an apprenticeship within the Electrical Maintenance department, I joined the R&D department. I had the opportunity to expand and develop my skills with Saverglass by following a work-study engineer training course. I have now worked in the R&D department for 7 years.

Why do you like this job? It's a chance to be able to participate in many projects, each one with his own limitations but above all with the same objective, to improve the Group’s competitiveness. My duties allow me to combine my need to be involved with many different things. Finally, I am involved with my colleagues in other departments on a daily basis; it is a strong group and the key to our success.

What made you want to join Saverglass? It's a long-lasting company with ongoing challenges to maintain the Group’s position in the luxury sector, both in terms of the beauty of its products and their individuality.


Frédéric Delattre (R&D Technician) - R&D Project Manager (or product development technician) 

For how long have you been doing this job? I started at Saverglass in October 2008, a little over 5 years ago. 

Why do you like this job? Working within the R&D department is fascinating and is very enriching. I work on innovative and strategic projects for the Group's future. I get involved occasionally to support glass production and decoration.

What made you want to join Saverglass? When I joined Saverglass I didn't know anything about the world of glass and its decoration. It was all totally new. I was amazed by the beauty of the bottles produced. The clarity of the glass, the purity of the shapes, the richness of the decoration immediately convinced me of Saverglass’s expertise and of its “brand” of production.


Catherine Lecêtre - Wines & Perfumery Product Manager: 

What does your job entail on a daily basis? Attracting our clients by proposing new models with strong and innovative designs and responding to their expectations! More generally, for each area – still and sparkling wines and perfumery – I am responsible for the positioning, development, launch, and promotion of new Saverglass models. 

What is your favorite thing about your job? I particularly like product creation; for each new collection, you have to analyze how the markets are evolving, detect trends and think about consistent product ranges in terms of quality, price, and target.  I also like the diversity of the role (drafting work, marketing brief, project management, pricing, business plan, sales tools, competition reports, training the sales force in new designs, etc.) which lets me work in partnership with the different departments R&D, sales, the production teams, etc.

What made you want to join Saverglass? I wanted to pursue my professional experience in the Luxury sector, where the product is particularly valued, and I wanted a position that incorporated Product Design, in a constantly innovating company with an atypical market position.