World reference for Quality
The high-end positioning of your brand does not allow any compromise on quality. As the world reference for the excellence of its products, Saverglass has built its quality organization on a management system that is integrated, and on its many certifications with the unique goal : to guarantee you an optimal and consistent result.

Saverglass: world reference
for the quality of our products

Products that are rare, precious, premium, designed using the best practices, using a unique expertise and the finest raw materials, require bottles that convey the very high level of demand and quality.  

In this matter, Saverglass is regarded as a world reference for the excellence of its products and services for high-end brands of wines and spirits. Every day, excellence is coupled with the continuous improvement of our quality, which is the cornerstone of the entire organization. 

Every one of our employees is proud to contribute to the objectives of growth set by the company, by identifying and promoting the best practices related to the company’s areas of expertise. 
The quality organization is based on our integrated management system aimed at setting standards in product quality, food safety, the environment, employee safety and the continuity of our business, with an experience of more than a century.  
This level of expectation, in every moment,  translates into continuous process control (16 steps in total), from raw materials to finish products.
The combination of perfectly trained teams, and the most advanced technologies such as optoelectronics, neuronal vision and many others, contribute to ensure a high level of reliability for our products…  rewarded by the loyalty of our customers.

Certification: the cornerstone of
our quality management system

Saverglass decided at an early stage to build its quality approach on the ISO 9001 standard, and we obtained the certification in 1993 (from Afaq & Lloyd’s Register), thus becoming the first glass group to be certified. The ISO 9001 standard emcompasses the capacity to develop, produce, control and deliver products by following a constant « process » which ensures the consistency of a quality level.

ISO 9001 Certificate

All of the group production sites are also certified ISO 22000 and ISO 22002-4 (food safety). 
From the design stage to the delivery of the finished product, the highest level of quality standards for products and services of the food industry are guaranteed. 

ISO 22000 Certificate

ISO 22002-4 Certificate

Beyond this requirement,  SAVERGLASS is also committed to minimize the impact of its operation on the environment, by developing processes that are innovative, resource-saving, produce a minimum of waste and rejects. On these aspects, SAVERGLASS has implemented an environmental management system recognized by the ISO 14001 certification.

ISO 14001 Certificate

Occupational health and safety is naturally a constant attention and the management of the OHSAS 18001 standard, associated with a common focus to minimize occupational risks has enabled us to significantly reduce work-related accidents in the past 15 years.

Moreover, the demand of excellence of SAVERGLASS could not ignore the management of business continuity, which minimizes the impact on customers in the event of major crises affecting our operations. Saverglass received its ISO 22301 certification in 2014, and was the first glass company to do so. 

ISO 22301 Certificate

Finally, Saverglass aims to improve the energy efficiency of its operations, following the standards of its ISO 50001 certification to develop sound energy management and improve global energy performance. 

ISO 50001 Certificate

Quality of
food products

For SAVERGLASS, quality of food products is a priority, to allow our customers to develop sustainable and successful brands, so that in turn, consumers use a safe product.

All the products made by Saverglass are destined for food products and are therefore developed in compliance with HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) system.  The production of glass decanters and bottles et bouteilles is achieved using methods and principles that ensure the optimal trust in the safety of the products we deliver.

Pioneer company in
business continuity

Saverglass has continuously developed its management systems and obtained ISO 22301 certification: Business Continuity Management. Our company is the first glass and decoration company in the world to receive this certification, which demonstrates our ability to provide our customers with a continuous supply in the event of exceptional circumstances. 

The objective for this management approach is to protect our company against disruptive incidents (fire, unavailability of our information system, break in our supply chain, equipment failure…) by reducing the risks and their potential impacts on our activity. 

« Our group is a reference on a global scale for the quality of our products and services. At this level, nothing can be taken for granted and the objective of excellence must be practiced every day by demanding the continuous improvement of our performance.  Our ISO 22301 certification is the very result of this approach. It is done by keeping constantly operational the industrial solutions that will ensure for our customers the supply continuity for our products and services in case of a major incident happening in our facilities, which also secures the economical continuity of the Group.»


M. DE GROMARD – Honorary Chairman of the Saverglass Group.

Customer testimonials –
2018 Customer Satisfaction Survey

« As far as I’m concerned, quality is very important and one of the best options you have for quality is to go with Saverglass … » USA Wines

«We chose Saverglass for the great quality of their products, because this is what we need » USA Wines

« The specialist for special quality bottles. The Saverglass glass is more transparent, more brilliant, more luxury. » (FR. Wines)

“Saverglass kind of occupy that and have the best offering probably in that fancy bottle arena so that’s why we go there, yeah, and the development capabilities are very good technically, they know how to make these bottles very well” (UK, premium spirits)

“As I say, the design of the glass and the quality of the glass itself and the premium nature of the glass itself is top notch” (UK, premium spirits)
 “The best company in the Premium bottle market, with very good quality: very clean glass, very transparent, without defects” (SP/ premium spirits)