Revitalize your brand
Because scarcity creates desire, limited editions push the consumer to pay closer attention to the brand, learn about its history, and weave an emotional connection with it. The Saverglass teams contribute their imagination to create the most innovative limited editions, which will surely stand out in the history of your brand.

At stake: increase the attachment
to the brand and create desire

Perhaps your brand is well established on the wine or spirits market, and you wish to improve its performance in terms of sales or margin? Or you wish to reinforce its image and strengthen the bond with the consumer?

In an increasingly competitive universe, event packaging is constantly changing and has become a powerful tool for creating loyalty. With a special edition, only available in small quantity and for a limited time, you create a strong interaction with your consumers. By repeating this operation, you create a desire, an expectation, and some will be tempted to start collecting your product.

The choice: choose
experience and diversity

Collaborate with artists, personalities or well know designers, create a cross-branded or co-branded product, use cultural events, celebrations, anniversaries… Saverglass offers a rich experience of creating limited editions and event packaging in all premium wines and spirits categories.


To create a « collector » our teams will offer a wide range of “ultra-personalization” options: 

  • Glass colors (15 colors, or create your own color)
  • Personnalization of existing shapes (embossing the body, the finish, the punt…)
  • Glass effects: bubble glass, hammered glass...
  • Decoration (screenprinting, coatings, hot stamping, acid-etching, sand-blasting, metallization, 3D Art & Touch ®, …) ;
  • Application of accessories. 

Our support:

To create a limited edition or a special edition, the key steps are:

  • Collect the project brief and write a requirement specification
  • Validate the glass feasibility of the project
  • Validate the decoration feasibility (our infographic study could propose compromises)
  • Create a Paper Proof followed by a Glass Sample for approval
  • Provide quality control during the production phases
  • Include a quality manager for the entire Glass and Decoration project.



Our project support


Innovate to keep
surprising your consumers

Surprise, renew, follow the trends to better anticipate them or even create them… These are the daily obsessions of our approach to support our customers brand revitalization projects.

Beyond the technical solutions and a customized support, our teams regularly contribute our latest innovation to create a surprise effect with your consumers. 3D effects create a tactile experience with Art & Touch, iridescent effects, new bubble glass… Each year Saverglass creates hundreds of new bottle creations, many of which are limited editions.


Rhum Clément – Canne Bleue - 2016 Limited Edition

« Our limited editions have created a real following ». « Canne Bleue never goes un-noticed because we always see to it that the decoration will be disruptive… » « We wanted to create an experience … for our consumers » « The bottle and the artwork are atttractive… when you hold it there is a surprising tactile effect. You feel the relief on the bottle».  « It’s an innovative technique » « It’s surprising, attractive, we’re very pleased». « The response has been very good. We were out of stock 2 weeks after launching the product ».

Audrey BRUISSON – Rhum Clément Global Marketing Manager. 


Audrey Bruisson - Global Marketing Manager Rhum Clément / Rhum J.M ...

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