HR policy
Saverglass’s Human Resources policy is rooted in the strength of its experience and its history; the men and women that belong to the group are its main asset. Built on Saverglass’s values and culture, the HR function drives and supports changes within the company and creates the right conditions to enable its staff to develop their potential.

hr vision

Over time, the Group has evolved in five major areas :

  • Developing and passing on professional expertise
  • Cultivating reactivity in all its areas of activity
  • Stimulating innovation and commitment among the Group’s employees
  • Strengthening proximity management while supporting the Group's growth
  • Supporting internationalization 

Harmonious and consistent interaction in these areas is a fundamental part of the efficacy of Saverglass’s HR work. The true difference or characteristic of the Group lies in the motivation of employees and management to put these principles into action on a daily basis.

Commitment, respect for others, reactivity, and taking responsibility are the values upheld by Saverglass employees that drive the company's energy. An ambitious training policy aimed at the professional and personal development of every member of staff encourages putting these values into practice. This not only exerts a positive effect on the company's development outlook, it enables Saverglass to continually adapt to its ongoing challenges.

The impressive rise of the Group –  whose workforce has increased tenfold and its revenues have increased 28-fold in less than 30 years – is founded in a motivating  corporate environment where the contribution of each person is seen as an essential part of the Group’s performance. 


The possibility of evolution in a career path is one of the motivational factors for Saververglass workforce.

The numbers of managers coming from within the organization is one of the group's strengths. A dynamic and consistent approach based on the acquisition of knowledge by a versatile management wich characterizes the evolution within the production channels.

The diversity of the projects and the growth of the group has increased the need of a cross-functionnal workforce.  Each employee can hence discover the implication of the different fields other than his own. An opening in other areas can lead to personal growth with a larger scope of evolution. This evolution is closely mentored by career coaches and human ressources managers. Periodic meetings are organized to study the individual career path based on experience, competencies with regards to the future needs of the group.

In this respect, the Saverglass employees constitute its principal asset.



At Saverglass, every employee can develop and progress within the company. Equal opportunities are anchored in our managerial practices and we are working to strengthen the diversity of our teams.

To guide, evaluate and improve its actions, the Group relies, among other things, on the gender equality index by production site in France. 

The 2023 results are as follows: 

  • Alphadec : 86/100
  • Saverglass : 83/100
  • Tourres : 80/100
  • Alphaglass : 65/100
  • Saverplus : 87/100

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