Passing on knowledge is one of the greatest challenges for the Saverglass Group training policy.

Glass and decoration

Passing on knowledge is one of the greatest challenges for the Saverglass Group training policy. The glass industry appeals to artistic people with empirical know-how. In the past, people talked about “master glassmakers”. There is no school that provides training specifically in these areas.

For several years, Saverglass has therefore had to create its own “school of glass” and “school of decoration”.The older masters in this art, known for their technical ability and the quality of their training, have been teaching good practice throughout the careers of our employees. In this way, after final training, each stage in their professional development is validated with a specific tailor-made course.

Alongside this original approach, Saverglass has created “hothouses” in partnership with the professional training centers adjacent to its Oise site. Young, or not so young, individuals with the baccalaureate or baccalaureate+2 level are recruited on permanent contracts for one or two years to obtain the baccalaureate +2 or professional degree level. This approach combines class-based training with on the job training, preparing the Group's future glassmakers so that they will be able to carry on the fine skills and techniques that have made the Saverglass Group renowned for many years



Ongoing trainings

A dynamic ongoing training policy supports the continued development of employees’ skills. More than 4% of payroll expenditure per year is invested in training. The annual training plan has four main priorities:

  • Passing on expertise and managing knowledge
  • Maintaining responsiveness at all levels
  • Developing innovation
  • Developing internationally

In addition, Saverglass supports a certain number of employees on training courses each year. This is done through Validation of Work Experience or through educational courses.

Whilst supporting the personal development and professional growth of Saverglass’ men and women, this policy is at the heart of the Group's performance and lays the foundations for the excellence of our products and services.


Apprenticeships are a method that the Group uses in particular to welcome new employees. Saverglass has great age diversity, with employees ranging from 15 years old to over 65. Each year the technical teams welcome apprentices. They train using a work-study program for several years in order to be ready to enter professions within the industry and related sectors at the end of their apprenticeship. 

Every year, young people on work-study programs are welcomed into each of the departments. In order to prepare future employees in this way, while also contributing to the employment of young people, the Group has just signed a generational contract agreement aimed at increasing the number of work-study staff to 20%. This effective commitment to the community is based on ensuring that beneficiaries are suitably prepared for the reality of working life.

Relationships with
schools and universities

Upstream from recruitments, Saverglass has a policy to build dynamic relationships with the training schools and universities in the regions where it operates (Le Havre, Beauvais, St Omer and Coulommiers). The industry has an impressive but often unknown range of professions:


  • Production
  • Maintenance
  • Research
  • Development
  • Design
  • Quality
  • Logistics
  • Sales
  • Management
  • Purchasing
  • Administration
  • Human Resources

We therefore build partnerships with key professional training schools or universities. These lead to offers for internships in France and abroad for some students. We are regularly present on school selection panels, as well as at many employment or internship forums. We also have exchanges with universities for research work.

This network links us to the training sector and lays the groundwork for the Group’s future and its ability to anticipate and respond to future developments.

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