Our history
The industrial adventure of the Verrerie de Feuquières began in 1897, in the heart of what is now known as the Glass Valley. Heir to a history of more than a century, SAVERGLASS brings together noble trades and has been shaped through a series of successive events that have contributed to the creation of the SAVERGLASS group, to become the world specialist in the manufacturing and decoration of high-end and luxury glass bottles.

Key dates

1897: Creation of the Verrerie de Feuquières (France)

The establishment of the glassworks in this village located at the source of the Bresle River was not by chance.
The Bresle valley has been one of the traditional strongholds of the glass industry in France since the 15th century due to the abundance of energy offered by the surrounding forests.


1969: Specialization in small series of high quality bottles

Under the control of the Saint-Gobain Group, the Société Autonome de Verrerie de Feuquières specializes in the development of small batch bottling. 


1976: Acquisition by the Desjonquères family

The Verrerie de Feuquières is acquired by Mr Luc Desjonquères and his family. 



1985: Specialization of the company in the high-end segments

Mr Loïc Quentin de Gromard takes over the management of the company and chooses to specialize in the segment of high-end and luxury glass bottles for spirits and wines.


1990: New trade name

The Société Autonome de Verrerie adopts the trade name "SAVERGLASS", thus marking both its technological change and its opening to the international market.

1991: Creation of the decoration business

Creation of the SAVERDEC decoration business, in Feuquières, in charge of all bottle decoration operations (See: acid-etching-finishing, ink-screen printing, coatings, etc.)


1993: ISO 9001 certification obtained

SAVERGLASS then became the first French glassmaker to be ISO 9001 certified. (Quality reference)



1995: Creation of a collection of original models

In order to satisfy its customers and accompany the emerging phenomenon of premiumization of alcoholic beverages, SAVERGLASS initiated a process of creating its own original models (MDDS = Modèles Déposés Design Saverglass / Saverglass Registered Designs). 


1995: Start of internationalization 

Beginning of the Group's internationalization in the USA and the UK. 



1997: Launch of the perfumery activity

Launch of the bottling activity for the perfumery and cosmetics markets. 



1999: Acquisition of TOURRES & Compagnie

This acquisition of the Le Havre (France) plant doubles the tonnage of glass produced and enables the company to meet the growing demand of the wine market.


2005: Pioneer in organic decoration

Since 2005, Saverglass has been the pioneer in organic decor worldwide. Its production facility dedicated to finishing is almost entirely converted to organic inks. Bottles decorated in this way are devoid of heavy metals and are perfectly recyclable. 


2006: Sale to Natexis Industrie 

The Desjonquères family hands over control of Saverglass to a consortium of investors: Natexis Industrie, whose name became Ixen Partners, Natexis investissement and Crédit Agricole Private Equity.


2008: Creation of the 3rd French production site

Creation of a 3rd production site in France, Alphaglass, located in Arques (Pas de Calais - France) to meet strong demand in the market for Premium spirits in Extra White glass. This new facility increases the Group's production capacity by 40%.


2011: Takeover of the Group by a fund and employees

Astorg Partners finalizes the acquisition from IXEN Partners, Crédit Agricole Private Equity, Euromezzanine and the Desjonquères family of 75% of the capital of the French group Saverglass; the remaining 25% is held by Saverglass employees.

2013: Opening of the 4th site in the United Arab Emirates

Opening of a 4th production site in the United Arab Emirates (Dubai) specialized in the production of wine bottles.



2014: Inauguration of an ultra-modern decoration plant

A new ultra-modern production unit called Alphadec, in Arques France, and dedicated to bottle decoration now completes the group's industrial arsenal.


2016: The Carlyle Group acquires Saverglass. 

One of the leading private equity groups, the CARLYLE Group acquires the capital of Saverglass from Astorg Partners. The Group's employees also hold part of the capital. 


2018: New glass & decor factories for the Americas

Opening of the Group's first North American plant, comprising a glass-plus production unit and a unit dedicated to bottle decoration. Ideally located in ACATLAN DE JUAREZ, Jalisco, Mexico, it serves the entire North American continent. This is the group's 6th production site. 


2018: Saverglass sells its perfumery business

Saverglass refocuses on its strategic activities (premium spirits and wines), by selling its perfumery activity to the German manufacturer HEINZ-GLAS. 


2018: Entrepreneur of the Year Award 

The jury awarded the 2018 Entrepreneur of the Year Award of the Hauts de France Region, to Mr. Loïc Quentin de Gromard, CEO, acknowledging the continuity of the SAVERGLASS Group's performance (+10% growth per year on average for the last 30 years) as well as its international development.


2019: Saverglass expands in Europe

Saverglass strengthens its industrial facilities in Europe and its production capacities by acquiring the Ghlin plant (in Belgium) from the Spanish group Vidrala. The Belgian unit specializes in the production of wine bottles.