Premiumize your offer
To choose to premiumize is to achieve 3 major goals: product differentiation, value creation and brand -to-consumer communication. With more than 40 years experience, Saverglass offers a number of options to make your product more upscale and unique.

At stake:
be different and seduce

You need to differentiate your offer to create value and improve your profitability? You want to reach new consumers while strengthening your customer base?

Premiumization is a strategic choice that will allow you to meet these objectives. To reposition a product, perhaps even create a new premium/ super premium / ultra premium or even prestige line, you will need a specialist by your side to create new packaging that reflects the codes of luxury

The choice: adopt the codes of luxury
to attract and inspire

Luxury is associated with superior quality. It reassures the consumer, attracts them, makes them dream. It reinforces their attachment to the brand, which becomes part of their identity. With more than 40 years of experience in premiumization, Saverglass adopts the timeless codes of luxury as well as the most current trends. We create packaging, from simple to hyper fancy but always sophisticated, that is a true luxury showcase for your product.

We leverage premiumization by offering a wide array of differentiation solutions:

  • selection of a shape in a catalog of over 200 bottles with unique shapes;
  • personalization of design : create a color or use an existing one (the colors of glass) , use embossing;
  • decoration , with many options to use either separately of in combination: screen-printing, coatings with multiple effects, hot-stamping, acid etching, sand-blasting, metallization, 3D Art & Touch ®…
  • accessory application: metallic or leather piece, seal, genuine or artificial gem...

Your product is a representation of quality and know-how: we will help you create a packaging just as unique that will carry your values

Our support:

The Saverglass team will accompany you on the path to premiumization:

  • Collection and formalization of your requirements;
  • Validation of the feasibility of your project by our development team;
  • Production of samples to allow you to visualize and validate all the technical characteristics of the bottle;
  • Validation of the technical drawing, control of the samples and formalization of the specification by the quality department;
  • Production assistance and recommendations for the use of the bottles on bottling lines;
  • Validation of the decoration project (our infographics studio makes any enhancements necessary);
  • Production of a Paper Proof followed by a Glass Proof for the final validation of the decoration;
  • Quality control of all the production steps;
  • A quality manager is available during all the phases of the Glass and Decoration project.

Our project support

Innovate to increase the perceived
value and the appeal of your product

A premium packaging needs to be made to perfectly fit the brand image. It always conveys its positioning, its history and its values. It is designed to seduce the consumer and strengthen its relationship with the brand. But today, to seduce and build consumer loyalty is not enough anymore, premium packaging also has to surprise and innovate, in terms of quality or environment protection for example.

  • Beyond the technical solutions and the tailored assistance, Saverglass regularly launches new products and concepts that meet the market demand and anticipate the future trends of consumption. We are not afraid to propose designs that are radically different from the traditions of the wine and spirits market, as perfectly illustrated by:
  • the DUO wine bottle with its radical profile;
  • the punt shaped like petals in the INVENT wine bottle line;
  • the HERCULES decanter, a true prowess both technical and esthetical.

Each year Saverglass creates hundreds of new bottles. All are reflections of brand premiumization.


« I chose to make a quality wine. I chose to dress it as the premium wine I wanted to market ». «  When the DUO bottle was presented to me, being very sensitive to aesthetics, I told myself it was genius ». « It’s an original bottle… with very pure lines, and resolutely a wine bottle. It’s shape is its own signature ». « Thanks to this bottle we have more than doubled our sales  ».

Mr BRU, owner of Château Puech Haut.

Château Puech-Haut

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