The Extra glass from Saverglass
The purity of the glass relays the quality and the beauty of your product. Saverglass presents you its EXTRA glass where offering excellence in glass contributes significantly to the unique experience your customers will build with your brand.

The EXTRA glass by Saverglass :
What is it?

The superior quality glass developed by Saverglass, has made our reputation for over 120 years. Never matched, it is unique because of its purity and exceptional brilliance. Almost free of imperfections, our decanters and bottles gleam and capture light before they capture attention. The « glass skin » (the smooth and glossy surface of the glass) of the Extra aims for perfection.

In its EXTRA WHITE version, the transparence and neutral coloration express a premium positioning and allow, before anything else, to magnify the quality level of the product without altering its color. It magnifies the final product!

To reach this level of quality, naturally Saverglass uses silica, soda ash and limestone (95%) but also other components that give the EXTRA glass its outstanding mechanical, chemical and optical properties. We also give prominence to the choice of tooling and the quality of cast iron, the care and maintenance of the molds as well as a multitude of settings we keep secret.

All of our 15 colors benefit from the brilliance and shine of the EXTRA by Saverglass. 

Cru Classé Collection

The 15 colors
of the EXTRA glass

15 colors of glass make up the assortment of the Extra glass by Saverglass: 

  • The classical colors: Extra-white, Antique, Champagne and Light and Dark Amber. 
  • The “Onyx” black glass: 
  • The “Select colors”
  • The “Empire” green glass: 

The colors of glass

Manufacturer mark and datamatrix:
pledge of quality and authenticity

Two levels of identification allow for the authentication and intrinsic quality of the Saverglass bottles, thereby your products:  

  • The manufacturer mark : 

Embossed on every bottle and decanter, the SAVERGLASS manufacturer mark is extremely important to identify the authenticity of the container and its origin. It is composed of a large « S », a capital « A » and a capital « V », and framed in a rectangle with rounded corners. It can be found in the base of the bottle or in the punt depending on the model. If the letters are not clearly defined and easily legible, the bottle you are looking at is not from Saverglass!





  • The datamatrix: a unique and inviolable code

Datamatrix is an identification solution known to be both forgery-proof and unviolable. It’s a unique code of 24 digits (arranged in a 8x8mm square), hot engraved (thereby without creating micro-fractures) during the production of the bottle. It’s very clear mark enables a highly reliable reading. It is discreetly positioned on glass (usually on the neck or in the lower section of the bottle) and provides with absolute certainty the date and time of production. 
This innovation follows various standards (Datamatrix ECC200 and ISO/IEC 16022 :2006) and meets the growing quality and traceability demands of the global wine and spirits market. Datamatrix is also compliant with the European standards in food safety.
With Datamatrix, we offer an effective solution of anti-counterfeiting, an issue no luxury brand can ignore. Thereby, it also contributes to value creation and differentiation of the bottle, and showcases the EXTRA quality by Saverglass. Finally, it can also be used to store information on the product, for the benefit of manufacturer, the retailer or even the consumer!



Brochure: The Traceability


Grahams Port

« I believe the quality of glass is a determining factor.(…) It is a fact that Saverglass produces an excellent quality of glass, visibly flawless. Because it is white glass, the smallest defect can be easily noticeable. (…) We were sure that by working with Saverglass we would get high quality. » 

Mr Paul Symington, CEO of the Symington Group. 

 Graham's Tawny Port Success story