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Saverglass offers a wide range of bottle sizes for wines and spirits. From the small 50ml bottles for hotels or airlines, to “event-type” formats like 4.5L or 6L offered by bars and clubs, and of course the standard 750ml or 700ml sizes, we meet the demands of distribution channels,of country regulations and cover all your needs.

The standard “classic” sizes

  • 750 ml (75 cl)

The most common size for wine bottles is 750 ml. Saverglass offers a very wide range of models in that size.

Why are common bottles 750 ml?

The capacity of wine bottles was standardized in 19th century to address a practical problem. At that time, the main consumers of French wines were the English who didn’t use the same measurement units. They shipped wine in barrels and used “imperial gallons” as a unit of measure, which corresponds to 4.54609 liters. 
To facilitate the conversion during a purchase, the English created a container that would give them a nice round number: a barrel contained 300 750 ml bottles and a gallon 6 bottles. 
This is why to this day, cases of wine are usually still sold by 6 or 12 bottles.


The large sizes

A line from 1.5 L to 6 L

The large sizes bottles and their names

Large size bottles are strongly recommended for wine ageing. The larger the container, the more favorable the ratio between the total volume and the surface of wine exposed to air oxidation. Wine just keeps better in a large bottle.

The other characteristic of large sizes, especially the 1.5 L’s and 3 L’s, is that they have become necessary to establish a product range and become visible in large retail stores as well as in nightclubs or restaurants. They have become a real eye-catcher and a promotional object  for your brand. It is also true that these large sizes also look spectacular on a dinner table or given as gifts!

To meet this trend, Saverglass offers sizes going up to 6 L: 


  • The Magnum (1.5 L)

Widely known for still and for sparkling wines, this size was named after the latin “Magnum” which means “large”. 

  • The Jeroboam (3 L)

This size was named after the 2 kings from Israël : Jeroboam I (931 – 909 BC.) and Jeroboam II (743 – 746 BC.). This size can also be referred to as "Double Magnum".

  • The Methuselah (6 L)

The 6 L size is named after Methuselah, son of Enoch, who is said to have lived for 969 years and died in the flood. This is why, in the common language, the name Methuselah is synonym with longevity. This size is also sometimes called "Impérial" in the Bordeaux region.

The large sizes bottles and their names

Bordeaux Burgundy Champagne
1.5 2 Magnum Magnum Magnum
3 4 Double Magnum Jéroboam Jéroboam
6 8 Impérial Mathusalem Mathusalem



Gamme Maxima - formats en 75 cl, 150 cl et 300 cl

The small sizes

Range from 187 ml to 500 ml

Small size bottles are indispensable, especially for the on-premise universe. They make it possible for consumers to enjoy wine with moderation or for special occasions. 

To meet the new consumption modes, Saverglass offers small sizes in many lines of bottles, with capacities ranging from 187 ml to 500 ml: 

The "Piccolo" (200 ml)

The "Chopine" (25cl)

The Half (37,5cl)

The "Désirée" (50cl)

The standard “classic” sizes

  • 750 ml (75 cl) & 700 ml (70 cl)

For spirits two sizes are standards: 700 ml and 750 ml. 
The choice between these 2 sizes will depend on the retail location of the product.
700 ml is the reference size in Europe while 750 ml is the reference size in the United States. 
In Canada and Mexico for example, both sizes can be sold at retail. 
Each country has their own regulations on this subject.

  • 500 ml (50 cl)

In Russia and in most Eastern European countries, the 500 ml is the “standard” size of the market.

The small sizes

The miniatures (30 & 50 ml)

The miniatures (30 & 50 ml)

100 & 200 ml

350, 375 & 500 ml

500 ml

The large sizes

Just like for wines, large sizes in spirits meet specific expectations:  

  • 1 L (100 cl)

Mostly used in Duty-Free, the 1 L size is also widely used on premise and in large retail stores.

  • 1.5 L (150 cl)

The classic magnum size is widely used, particularly in large retail stores.

  • 1.75 L (175 cl)

The 1.75 L is a classic in the US, where it is also widely used in large retail stores. 

  • 3 L (300 cl)

This very large size is very popular. Used for special editions and large events, it is mainly consumed in night-clubs, high-end bars, on the beach or pool-side. 

  • 4.5 L (450 cl)

This size is typically used in the same circumstances as the 3 L: to create an event around the brand (See: limited editions) enjoyed mostly in high-end bars, restaurants and night-clubs. The 4.5 L is offered in particular in our Ariane and Oslo lines. 

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