Project support and follow up
From the feasibility study to the optimization of bottling to the follow up of our supply, the Saverglass teams are here to support you and advise you. Critical for the success of your project, this relationship will produce the innovative solutions your high-end products needs.

Each project is unique!

Because each bottle is unique, the sales and technical teams at Saverglass are at your service and accompany you to meet the need of singularization of your offer. 

You wish to launch a new brand? Design a bottle for your new premium line? Premiumize your existing line? Bring rhythm to the life of your brand? Or simply differentiate when competition is increasingly fierce?

As specialists of hyper-personalization and premiumization, our product development teams advise you on the technical, marketing and quality aspects of your project.

They remain at your disposal along the development process. They meticulously study each new bottle of decanter project to bring the best solutions for your projects! 


The key steps of collaboration
a rigorous technical assistance

For all your glass projects for wines and spirits, from design to production, our specialists accompany you with every step:

Your glass project:

  • Analysis of the project from models, sketches or drawings;
  • Formalization of the functional requirements;
  • Validation of the feasibility of the glass project by our engineering team;
  • Production of drawings, models or 3D renderings;
  • Validation of the glass drawing;
  • Launch of the trial unit mold to produce samples in actual industrial conditions, to visualize and validate all the technical characteristics of the bottle;
  • Production;
  • Production control and recommendations for the use of bottles on the bottling line.


Your decoration project:

  • Analysis of the project from the vectorized files you sent us;
  • Formalization of the functional specification that covers all the needs;
  • Validation of the decoration feasibility by our infographics department when needed;
  • Production of the paper proof;
  • followed by the production of a glass sample for the final approval of the decor;
  • First production to allow an optimal processing on the bottling line and the on-time launch of the product;
  • Strict quality control during the entire production process;

A quality manager follows-through the entire glass and decoration project.


Diagram illustrating key steps in project management collaboration

A team of experts
dedicated to your project

To accompany each of your projects, we implement a team of experts with:

  • a sales manager acting as project lead,
  • a product development manager,
  • a technical support manager, in permanent link with the customer during the entire product development process,
  • a sales assistant to manage the operational and administrative aspects of the project,
  • the engineering department.

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