Installation & Maintenance
The maintenance departments are responsible for ensuring performance and continuity in production 24/7.

Maintenance technician

Passionate about tools

The Maintenance Technician’s job is focused on safeguarding, maintaining and improving the industrial facilities, while ensuring production continuity. They have a wide scope: composition, furnaces, IS machines, feeders, lehrs, Cold End lines, decoration workshops, etc. The technicians contribute directly to the company's quality processes and, together with the production teams, they play a leading role in continuously improving production tools. 

Prevention and intervention

The maintenance and monitoring of facilities upstream represents a key factor in preventing breakdowns and maintaining the company's productivity. When a breakdown occurs, the technician acts as soon as possible to prevent any impact on production. This position requires rapid action, as well as reflection and experience.  


  • BTS Industrial Maintenance training
  • Experience in an industrial setting is desirable

Electrical technician

Automation and industrial IT

An electrical technician works on maintenance operations over all the site facilities, mainly in automation and/or industrial IT. They perform the diagnostics and define the order of priority for jobs. They record the job history on the Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) software. This traceability enables them to refer to earlier analysis reports so they can act and react quickly and in a suitable manner, whether the actions are to prevent or resolve issues.

Flexibility and independence

Even if technicians develop a specialty, the wide variety of facilities gives them the ability to deal with every situation. This flexibility is shown both in electrical as well as mechanical and even pneumatic problems. This job therefore requires an extremely broad knowledge of the facilities and the ability to work independently. Experience is also vital.


  • BTS Industrial Maintenance training
  • Experience in an industrial setting is desirable

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