Supporting local development

Contributing to local
economic & social life

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As part of its action to contribute to the economic and social development of the regions, Saverglass favors local supplies and long-term partnerships with SMEs.  The company enters into sustainable partnerships with its strategic suppliers (raw materials, mould makers, R&D, packaging, distribution, etc.) based on mutual respect, transparency, information-sharing, and regular communication. By incorporating ethical and environmental clauses into its contracts, Saverglass expects its partners to share its vision of economic activity that respects the environment, generates strong financial performance, and is socially responsible. 

A virtuous dynamic accompanies this approach in the employment market at the regional level of each Group site, whose employer image carries significant pulling power. 

Promoting responsible
purchasing practices

The top 5 purchasing positions are glassmaking raw materials, industrial infrastructure investments, logistics (storage and transport), energy, and packaging. 

To promote responsible purchasing practices, there are three key objectives: 

  • Building a trusted relationship with suppliers to ensure sustainable sourcing
  • Selecting quality products near to production sites
  • Ensuring compliance with business ethics (respect for local regulations, fighting against corruption, respect for human rights) in the value chain
Promouvoir des pratiques d’achats responsables


Supplier selection

The supplier selection process is based on many criteria. Before the contract, supplier regulatory compliance is checked using an online tool to ensure that the supplier has not been sanctioned. This approach is reinforced by a contractual commitment, through the signing of a social responsibility clause, comprising: 

  • Compliance with applicable laws and regulations
  • Work practices in line with the United Nations Global Compact (signed by Saverglass in 2016), as well as compliance with the ILO's (International Labour Organisation) guiding principles
  • Forbidding the use of minors or forced labor
  • Particular attention linked to the environmental impacts of their activity
  • Assurance of compliance with these principles with their own suppliers

Supplier approval

The Saverglass teams conduct an approval audit of each new supplier to ensure its ability to meet all of our requirements and expectations. These cover product compliance, fulfillment of delivery commitments, traceability, business continuity plans, and environmental risk control. 

Formalizing ethical
& anti-corruption conduct

To consolidate its responsible purchasing approach with its clients, Saverglass fulfills its social and environmental commitments. Audits were conducted in 2020 by ethical audit bodies. The results obtained were used to put improvement plans in place. Per its commitment to the United Nations Global Compact, the Group has established an anti-corruption policy.

This policy is based on:

  • An analysis of corruption risks
  • The definition of rules concerning gifts and hospitality
  • Employee training
  • Informing the Group's partners
  • The implementation of a whistleblowing system accessible internally and to the Group's partners

It also complies with French and international regulations.

Formalisation d’une conduite ethique et anti-corruption