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At the heart of the glass production department, production employees are extremely proud of producing exceptional quality products.

& completion

Saverglass glass pride

At the heart of the glass production department, production employees are extremely proud of producing exceptional quality products. Saverglass' unadorned glass has a worldwide reputation for its shine, clarity and purity; the quality of the decoration gives the Saverglass finished product a unique position on the market. A Saverglass bottle – whether bare or decorated – is like no other bottle.

A quality requirement

The production departments work to guarantee optimum quality, supported by glass production expertise and unrivalled decoration know-how. The production employees maintain a level of quality on a daily basis, which brings value to their work and makes it attractive.

Diversity of production roles

The allocated teams work in 4 x 8 shifts to ensure constant production 24/7. Under the responsibility of a supervisor, the machine operators together with the technicians, setters and finishers are in charge of bottle production. 

Upstream, the founders ensure the quality of the raw materials mix and their fusion, as well as controlling the ovens. The feedermen ensure the quality of the glass gob during fusion, which is inserted in the molds for shaping.

The production teams rely on peripheral roles: mold fitters, glass production machine maintenance technicians, and the adjusters and turners in the molding workshop.

Bare glass machine

The force behind the glassmaking

The “bare glass” machine operator has direct contact with bottle production. They ensure that the IS machine (glass production machine) operates correctly and is well maintained, check the fall of the glass gob during fusion into the mold, regularly grease the molds, and periodically sample the bottles to check their compliance with the specifications sheet (size, quality, etc.). They are the force behind the glassmaking.

Knowledge and experience

The operator plays a fundamental role in the production quality chain as they are the first to observe the correct formation of the bottle. The highest level of production quality depends on their involvement and skills. This position requires expertise and experience combining technical knowledge of the machine and glassmaking defects.


  • Professional baccalaureate majoring in a technical field and/or with glassmaking experience
  • In-house training as an Operator


Guaranteeing the Saverglass recipe

The purity of Saverglass glass is ensured firstly during the mix of raw materials. Within the component-fusion department, the founder is the person who ensures the success of Saverglass' recipe. Ensuring the quality of the glass produced is the first step in Saverglass’ industrial excellence process.

Oven operator

Once the mixture is placed in the oven, the founder checks the fusion of the materials. This stage requires true glassmaking know-how. Operating an oven involves controlling the condition of the glass melt, the effect of the flame and the refractories, and continually adjusting all the fusion parameters: temperature, hygrometry, etc.


  • Baccalaureate to BTS level majoring in electrical-mechanics or equivalent
  • In-house training as a Founder 


The work of a craftsman

When items are produced for the high-end segment at Saverglass, the adjuster works as a craftsman, accurately and carefully.

Molds: beauty and diversity

The aesthetic side of the work makes an adjuster's job particularly rewarding. Saverglass offers its clients more than 400 Saverglass Design models, produced in a wide range of sizes, from 5 to 600 cl. The extensive range of products in the catalogue brings diversity to the Adjuster’s work.


  • BEP to BAC Professional Tooling or equivalent

Decoration machine operator

Bringing the Saverglass difference

The decoration machine operator plays a major role in the Saverglass difference, in the creative passion that forms the reputation and success of the Saverglass Design spirit. The quality of the colors, the faithfulness to the client's request, and the precision of the decoration on a wide variety of shapes are at the heart of a position that requires attention to detail and a passion for a job well done.

Quality and technology

The operator prepares the glazes, performs tests and sampling before launching production, during which they are responsible for quality control under their expert eye. They use digital technologies and the most modern inks on the market.


  • Professional baccalaureate majoring in technical field
  • In-house training in Decoration

Production manager

Leading a team in a common project

The client is at the center of the common project shared by Saverglass employees. For the Production Manager, the major challenge is getting a team of several hundred people to work together on this project, achieving the quality, deadline, quantity and cost objectives. Working as a link between the management and operational staff, the Production Manager performs the role of a field manager. A technical leader drawing on their own expertise, they manage their people in line with the Group’s values. 

Coordinating the project 

As a project coordinator, the Production Manager manages, organizes and plans production in coordination with the allocated teams and the related support sectors. Under the responsibility of the Production Director, they direct the team supervisors and heads of sector and work in line with the safety processes and rules, looking after the production service budget and playing an important role in terms of continuously improving the industrial process. They ensure that the teams receive ongoing training – theoretical and on-the-job – and develop a forward-looking vision for passing on Saverglass’ unique know-how.


  • Higher education in an Engineering School or postgraduate studies
  • English desirable.
  • Managerial skills – production management
  • In-house training in glass and decoration professions

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