Saverglass and innovation
Innovation is in the DNA of the SAVERGLASS Group, having brought us great success and repute over the years. At the heart of the Group's strategy, whether in terms of product creation or new processes, innovation drives the entire company in its quest for excellence. Here, in just a few short points, is the essence of our approach.

Innovation at the cornerstone
of our business strategy

Innovation is the cornerstone of our company. It's what sparks new ideas and expands our range of solutions for product differentiation and value creation for premium, super-premium and luxury spirit and wine brands.   

This is why Saverglass has always devoted its energy to promoting, encouraging and stimulating creativity and excellence. Innovation is the mainspring of the Group's success and a guarantee of its future and its leadership. As the cornerstone of our approach, the focal point of innovation is satisfying our clients and dazzling consumers. 

An approach built around
the Innovation Process

This culture of innovation, which permeates the entire company, can be seen in new types of glass or surface finishes, new decoration processes and new services. 

They are the result of an approach based on a cross-functional innovation management process involving the entire workforce of the company in order to identify opportunities, and on a process of managing innovation projects.  Under the guidance of R&D, there are more than 50 group employees who fuel and breathe life into this operation. Participants include engineering, glass and decoration development services, infographics, sales and marketing departments, Quality, among others.

The project process, which puts every idea into action, is divided into seven main stages:

  • Identifying the need (marketing, customers, markets)
  • Pre-project stage (What is it that we want to do?)
  • Feasibility stage (Is the project feasible?)
  • Development stage (How can it be done?)
  • Pre-industrialization (Is it sufficiently robust?)
  • Industrialization (Can we make it industrially?)
  • And lastly, the creation of the Product or the industrialization of the process

Each of these stages are further divided into around 50 actions specifying the department and function responsible for it. 

All of these stages of the project are formally approved throughout the process, which is the responsibility of Steering Committees, as part of the project's management, 

Dynamic research partnerships

The internal dynamics, based on the process of fueling innovation, require activities of reporting, exchange and many competence centers. These relationships facilitate the development of new skills and public-private partnerships at European level. 

Competitiveness clusters 

In this regard, Saverglass has joined the Euromaterials competitiveness cluster in the Hauts-de-France region, which helps it to contribute to the region's development. Within this arena, our Group launched the great Alphadec project (in Arques) in 2014, which saw it bring together glass production, acid-etching and decoration on a single industrial site. Alphadec combines state-of-the-art technology in terms of industrial processes with a level of environmental excellence that is unique in the world.

And more recently, Saverglass launched a collaborative project with an SME and a laboratory at the Université Polytechnique Hauts-de France. This promising initiative receives support from the regions of Hauts-de-France and Normandy as well as the EU within the framework of the "Industry of the Future" call for proposals.

Furthermore, many of our innovation projects allow us to obtain the support of ADEME (France’s Agency for Environment and Energy Management) due to their positive environmental impacts. 

Some of Saverglass'
Outstanding Innovations

The EXTRA-WHITE glass ( ~1900)

Saverglass launches its extra-quality white glass, distinguished by an exceptionally radiant shine, and a lack of color making it a crucial compliment to the color of the spirit.  This glass remains one of Saverglass's distinguishing features.

The ANTIQUE Glass (1981)

Saverglass develops a colored glass. Dark green, the Antique glass is destined for premium wines.  It thus broke away from the colors traditionally seen on the market, but it has since established itself as a standard. 

At the forefront of organic decoration (2005)

Since 2005, Saverglass has been at the forefront of organic decoration. Its decoration process has largely moved toward organic inks and coatings. Free from heavy metals, this makes the used bottles completely recyclable. 73% of the Group's decoration is done using organic ink. 

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Select Colors (2008)

By developing this next generation of glass colors, Saverglass capitalizes on its glass's exceptional brilliance to offer eight new and unusual shades to the markets of premium wines and spirits. A major tool for differentiation.  


Bottle traceability (2013)

The demand for traceability is increasingly becoming a strong and steady trend. And Saverglass has developed a unique traceability tool: the Datamatrix. Product traceability is crucial to the quality chain and anti-counterfeiting measures.

New tactile and visual effects (2015)

Tactile and visual effects become a strong market trend. The Saverglass group brings out a soft touch coating, which makes the glass silky smooth to the touch. It also offers a range of amazing effects: these can have a metallic feel by hot stamping or metallization, or be "Luminescent". 


Art&Touch (2017)

The Art&Touch decoration process is born. This offers a new perspective on 3D decoration that hinges on extremely delicate patterns and almost infinite customization possibilities.  The 3D effect is accentuated when combined with other decorative processes: coatings, acid etching and metallization. For unique and spectacular results.



Bubble glass (2020)

The Saverglass group has developed a bubble glass, which is distinguished by perfectly controlled and regular bubbling process. It's a real feat for this type of glass! 

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