Select a bottle from the Saverglass collection
Now you can! For your wine or spirit, you now can enjoy all the advantages of an existing and quickly available glass bottle, without giving up your uniqueness. To choose from the Saverglass collection is to choose flexibility AND differentiation.

Always surprise
with an extensive choice of models

Saverglass has built the broadest offer of decanters and bottles for wines and spirits in the market. Our 200+ models are characterized by shapes that appear simple but, for the past 30 years, have renewed the traditional codes of glass packaging.

Round, square, rectangular, oval or composite, tall, medium-sized or short, our innovative designs feature a variety of details that make all the difference. Unconventional heights, unique finishes and punts, geometrical or round shoulders, thick columns and bases: to select a bottle from the Saverglass collection is to speak a language of shapes both completely new and imaginative.
A language that gets enriched each year with 15 to 20 new bottles to follow or anticipate the trends of an ever-changing premium market.

Take advantage
of the lines depth

Choosing a bottle from the Saverglass collection is always a solution both flexible and scalable. Indeed almost all of our bottles are:


  • Available in multiple sizes: a serious advantage if you plan to expand internationally, as legal sizes are not the same on European, American, Russian markets or even in Duty Free networks!
  • Coherent and homogenous: from one line to another, from the miniature to large formats, all our bottles are sized proportionally and produced with the same rigorous specification, the same quality requirement.
  • Available from stock in most cases, to give you maximum flexibility.


Stand out with shapes
created for personalization


The Saverglass designs stand out with their clean and balanced lines. The apparent simplicity gives the brands freedom to personalize their packaging and offer their consumers a unique experience. Embossing, screen-printing, coating… All our options of personalization are perfectly adapted to the shapes offered in our collections. 



2 questions for R. Lauret, designer


How does one choose THE right bottle?

First and foremost, a good design needs to meet its functional requirement. It needs to be industrially produceable, repeatedly, and offer proportions and functionalities to allow the product to stand out not just now but for years to come.

Why choose a Saverglass model?

In the last 30 years, the Saverglass group has blazed its own trail by making bold choices on shapes, without any compromises but always with purity and simplicity, thus creating truly original designs. At the end of the day, the constant quest for perfection and excellence in manufacturing makes all the difference.

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