CSR: Vision & Strategy
Ensuring for consumers, our customers, our suppliers, our financiers, our shareholders that the Saverglass model is sustainable and in particular respectful of the climatic stakes for our planet.

& Strategy

"Our centuries-old history, forged by an economic model combining know-how and cutting-edge glassmaker technology, characterizes our Group's industrial adventure. This history distinguishes itself by its adaptability, focusing on supporting the growth of the high-end wine and spirit markets, and by extension, the growth of our clients.

Our passion for glass, shaped by our pursuit of excellence, is fundamental to our existence. Each day, our noble, virtuous, and 100% recyclable material, or "extra glass," enables creating our exceptional and impeccably reliable bottles for the safety of end consumers;—a result born of our requirement for strict specifications, capable of combining quality and aesthetics.

Vision & Strategy

To ensure the present and future development, our organization has been able to build on a solid foundation of values that constitute the identity of Saverglass:

  • A culture of difference
  • The pursuit of excellence
  • A pioneering spirit
  • A passion for design and creation
  • Solidarity

This precious DNA is passed down from generation to generation by the men and women engaged in the continuity of our Group.

In a global context that is shaken and punctuated by profound changes, this force becomes essential to fuel our philosophy of consistent action. In 1993, we reached a founding milestone; we achieved the ISO 9001 certification. This initial quality pledge marked a step towards an approach based on the continuous improvement of our manufacturing processes and preserving our eco-system.

Recognizing our role as a global economic player, we are committed to exemplary leadership in conducting coherent and authentic initiatives to ensure that our resources and results are optimally managed.

We understood our duty to preserve the environment early on. That is why, in the early 2000s, we began to build and consolidate a sustainable commitment based on simple, common-sense principles (reducing plastic packaging, choosing not to recycle flue gas cleaning dust to avoid heavy metals in our glass, developing our first organic inks, creating our first carbon footprint assessment, etc.). More recently, in 2020, our second carbon footprint assessment showed a significant decline in our CO2 footprint over the past ten years. This has helped establish our roadmap for the gradual decarbonization of our activity, with a mission to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.

As an international employer, we are also committed to ensuring the safety of our employees at each of our sites, promoting professional development, and contributing to the development of our talent in a common sphere enriched by its multicultural scope. We believe in fairness in recruitment, training, and treatment.

Finally, the ongoing dialogue we have with our stakeholders confirms that our actions are meeting their main expectations. We will also continue to assess the scope of these actions regularly.

  • Adapting our manufacturing processes to environmental challenges,
  • protecting and developing our teams,
  • and acting on behalf of society

are the priority focus points of our CSR policy.

Drawing on our beliefs and actions, which we are constantly striving to perfect, we are committed to continuing our contribution to building a better world."

Jean-Marc Arrambourg

President and CEO of Saverglass Group

CSR Report