Innovation Policy

Saverglass Focus on innovation

Pioneering spirit

A creator and decorator of high-end bottles and flasks, Saverglass cultivates a pioneering spirit that has enabled it to build its reputation worldwide. Driven by its passion for the glassmaking and decoration business, Saverglass is constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation to support its customers in their "premiumization" approach.

Passion for creation

Its constantly evolving creations enable Saverglass to bring innovation to the markets that accompany and anticipate the main trends. The depth of the range (from 50ml to 6l), the diversity and aesthetics of the designs, the brilliance and luster of the glass, the richness of the colors and effects, and the perfection of the finish all demand constant innovation in terms of both design aspects and industrial processes, striving for environmental excellence at all times.






Culture of innovation

Managing innovative and creative projects is part of the core business for more than 50 of the Group's employees (R&D, design office, decoration and glass development, graphics, marketing).



More generally, the culture of innovation guides the entire company: at all times, more than 200 employees are working together as a team on one or more innovative projects.
Saverglass is constantly expanding the scope for innovation by developing new designs, new customer services and new technological capabilities in partnership with universities, laboratories and competitiveness clusters.

Environmental excellence

On the cutting edge
Saverglass focuses a large part of its innovation efforts on improving the environmental impact of its industrial activities. Its ambition is to exceed all the legal and regulatory requirements, researching and implementing new technologies that position the Group at the leading edge for environmental aspects.
Revolutionizing emissions treatment
In its decoration workshops, Saverglass has developed a world-first technology for the treatment of water remaining glass frosting and recycling. This process' environmental performance levels have been multiplied by five. In addition, Saverglass is actively working on revolutionary technologies that combine energy recovery with liquid and atmospheric pollution removal. 

Global pioneer for organic decoration

Since 2005, Saverglass has been the global pioneer for organic decoration. Its entire finishing process has switched to organic glazes and inks, outpacing the competition. The Organic Color Play brand has become a major marketing weapon for Saverglass and its customers. The Group is maintaining its innovation drive and exploring new opportunities for research in materials and processes, focusing on productivity, quality, differentiation and environmental excellence. 


Wide range of innovations

Some examples of recent innovations and current innovation projects highlight the dynamic creative process established within the Saverglass Group: 
New tactile and visual effects
Tactile and visual effects are a key market trend. The Saverglass Group is now able to offer a "soft touch" glaze, which gives the glass a very smooth "peach skin" feel. In addition, it also offers several new effects: Metallic with hot stamping or metallization processes, "relief", "photo", "luminescent".



Giving glass color

Saverglass has created a new range of shades with the Select Colors brand. Initially designed for light colors, Saverglass has adjusted the process to produce more intense shades and effects that give the glass a particularly elegant reflection of color.



Enhancing glass creation

Renowned for the brilliance, luster and purity of its extra white glass, Saverglass is constantly researching new high-end and extreme luster effects. 


Innovating to serve

Innovating with the customer

Specific developments (non-standard) are made possible thanks to close collaboration between Saverglass, its customers and designers. Designing together means increasing the creative impact of a project. This collaborative development is based on tools harnessing the latest 3D technologies. Here, Saverglass offers cutting-edge service.

Pioneer for traceability

Traceability is increasingly required as part of a strong, long-term trend. Saverglass has developed a traceability tool that is the only one of its kind on the market. Its customers are able to benefit from this tool for their own bottle production lines. This product traceability is a key asset for the quality chain and the fight against counterfeiting.


Continuity with customer service

The first service to be guaranteed for customers is the continuity of production for their key products. This requirement is central to Saverglass' industrial deployment strategy. The same focus on innovation and excellence can be seen across all the production sites, which are all capable of producing the quality that is Saverglass' hallmark. The latest examples include the ultramodern Ras Al Khaimah plant (United Arab Emirates) and Alphadec, the high-tech decoration facility at the Arques glass production site (Alphaglass).

Audacity with major projects

Embracing the risk of innovating

Its commitment to and capacity for innovation are an integral part of Saverglass' high-end positioning. To secure and strengthen its leadership for luxury decoration and bottle production, Saverglass invests 5% of its revenues in developing innovative projects and continuously enhancing its range. The Group promotes a "culture of audacity" to drive its major innovation projects forward.

Innovative partnerships
Major projects require public-private partnerships and multiple-expertise partnerships to be established. Saverglass launches research programs with companies, customers, suppliers, laboratories, engineering schools and universities, while benefiting from support from regional, national and European-level public organizations. Saverglass is stepping up its involvement in this dynamic collective approach, which makes it possible to share resources and "blend" various ideas and areas of expertise together.
Competitiveness clusters
In line with this approach, Saverglass is part of the MAUD competitiveness cluster (materials and applications for sustainable use) in France's Nord-Pas-de-Calais region, contributing towards regional development. Within this framework, the Group has completed its latest major project, Alphadec (in Arques), bringing together glass production, frosting and decoration at the same industrial site. Alphadec combines leading-edge technologies in terms of industrial processes with a unique level of environmental excellence that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.