Saverglass presentation



The Feuquières glassworks, the current headquarters of the Group, was founded in 1897 and is part of the regional tradition of Bresle Valley, which has been a stronghold of French glassmaking since the 15th century. From 1969 to 1976, the Feuquières plant belonged to the Société Autonome de Verreries, part of the Saint-Gobain Group.

When Loïc Quentin de Gromard, the current CEO of Saverglass, became President of the Company in 1985, he made the choice of hyperspecialization: the niche market of luxury bottle manufacturing, which is where Saverglass set out its strategic position.

Flexible, small production runs allowed Saverglass to offer products that did not exist in the 1980s. Since then, the Company has based its development on aspiring to make exceptional products, especially in the world of spirits.

The decoration business launched in 1991 on the Feuquières site complements the high-end service and provides new solutions for demand that is growing in terms of sophistication and customization.
This gives the Company a special position in the glass landscape, with expertise ranging from manufacturing to customized glass.
Today Saverglass is the leading global player in the market for Premium and Super Premium bottles. Its production tool and expertise are used to manage significant volumes of orders while meeting the specific needs of its customers for special and short runs. 

This technological expertise, the quality of its services and its capacity for creation place Saverglass in a unique position on the market.



Quality, creativity, innovation and flexibility: four key strengths that have enabled SAVERGLASS to establish its standout positioning as a pioneer over the years and to become the global specialist for the production and decoration of high-end and luxury glass bottles for spirits, fine wine, vintage champagne and perfume brands. 
A market leader in all the Super Premium and Extra Premium sectors worldwide, SAVERGLASS has symbolized differentiation and sophistication for glass decoration and bottle production for over 30 years.

Often breaking away from the industry's conventional practices, our range of products meets the market's growing demand for premiumization. Harnessing its culture of innovation to serve its customers, the Group is able to create unique, refined containers that always stand out. 
Our performance in relation to our customers and partners is underpinned by our technical excellence, our perfect mastery of the various production processes and our culture of design.


Mission & Values

"The SAVERGLASS Group's mission is to share its passion, its culture and its expertise for the premiumization of high-end glass packaging through innovative, original and refined solutions that create value and symbolize our technical prowess".
A strong company culture that is built around 5 fundamental values, shared by all of the Group's employees:
  • Culture of differentiation
  • Pursuit of excellence
  • Pioneering spirit
  • Passion for design and creation
  • Solidarity and team spirit

Culture of differentiation 

Transforming a marginal position into a position as an industry benchmark and freeing ourselves up from conventional reproduction mechanisms to create a unique, high-quality model each time: it is this culture of differentiation, combined with a niche positioning (pioneering strategy on the packaging market for high-end wines and alcohol) and a daring approach, which has paved the way for the Saverglass Group to establish a privileged position on the market. 

Pursuit of excellence

The pursuit of excellence permeates everything we do.
In this way, each member of our staff within the Group takes particular care individually with each detail, constantly striving for perfection. 
Within the Group, no compromising on quality is ever accepted. This high level of standards extends beyond our products through continuous improvement objectives, never being satisfied, looking for new ideas and constantly developing our expertise. 

Pioneering spirit

At Saverglass, we encourage people to be creative and excel, we foster optimism, cooperation, resilience and a sense of initiative, we promote drive and energy, and we place our confidence and trust in all the generations. A culture similar to that of a start-up guides our pioneering spirit, meeting the expectations of companies that see further and act more quickly.

Passion for design and creation

Our passion for creativity, for over 30 years, has driven us to put design at the heart of our organization. An integral part of the company's heritage, design represents a priceless asset, enhancing our collections with innovative and original shapes each year.
These creations reflect the work accomplished by our designers, our constant commitment to monitoring emerging developments on the markets and our unique expertise gained through the numerous developments carried out across all the wine and spirit categories worldwide. 
We also share this passion with the brand creators, whether they are independent or part of major groups, making our expertise available to them for the creation of innovative, differentiating products.

Solidarity and team spirit

Essential values that guide Saverglass' men and women, our solidarity and team spirit encourage us to unite and take action together with a constant focus on efficiency.
Cooperation between a company's employees cannot be imposed. In the same way as the pride at being part of a group like Saverglass, this represents a state of mind that is shared and drives us forward each day.