With its strategic focus on Deluxe Products, Saverglass constantly strives to offer solutions to its customers that stand out from the crowd and add value.With this in mind, Saverglass commissioned a trend studio, and a survey of consumer trends in design and consumption to identify what our target audience is looking for in terms of premium and super-premium spirits, upscale wines and perfumes.This survey has allowed us to better understand the different types of consumers, and their expectations and alcohol consumption habits, to guide our upcoming 2018-2019 plan. We have structured our creative approach accordingly around the 4 Major Trends and, based on the most promising ones, have produced visionary designs that resonate with these targets.

Our goal is to instil curiosity, provoke and surprise. Our scenarios are aimed at demonstrating the wide range of possibilities that Saverglass offers in decoration by unveiling a comprehensive range of amazing creations.

The Bordelaise Apparat draws its inspiration from the Bordeaux designs of time gone by, with a focus on true authenticity: an exceptional bottle that pays tribute to tradition. It is enhanced by decoration featuring stylized layers with wood and marble effects created through multicolor screen printing.

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