23.67 oz / 70 cl

Reference: 6041

A discreet design with subtle details and a compact shape provide the TONIC model with all the ingredients to become a must-have for super premium spirits in the future. Its mid-sized minimalist shape has been designed to make it easier and more comfortable to grip. Its contours are shaped by small details: a delicate rounded carnette finish mirrors the punt mark in the glass base and creates a balanced interaction between reflections. And since details are what make the design, a slight pinching in the body gives TONIC its unique character. The resulting creative label panel allows it to be customized for all spirits.

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Reference: 6041

Capacity: 23.67 oz / 70 cl

Section: Round

Shape: Mid-high

Finish: Carnette

Weight: 750.00 gr / 26.46 oz

Height [A]: 246.20 mm / 9.69 in

Mini section [C]: 80.7 mm / 3.18 in

Maxi section [B]: 82.2 mm / 3.24 in

Entrance bore ⌀ [D]: 0.85 in / 21,5 mm

Punt thickness: 15.00 mm / 0.59 in

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