The key stages of collaboration

Saverglass supports each client throughout the development of a project and provides them with a set of expert and personalized services:  

  • Production of functional specifications including all the project requirements.
  • Involvement of our design department to approve the project feasibility for the glass.
  • Sample production allowing the client to see and approve all of a container’s technical characteristics.
  • The expertise of the quality department in validating the item design, sample control, and preparing  the product specification sheet.
  • Production control and advice regarding the use of bottles on bottling lines.
  • The expertise of the computer graphics studio which will validate the project decoration and will make any necessary modifications.
  • Printing of a paper proof then production of a glass proof for final validation of the decoration.
  • Strict quality control throughout the production phase.
  • Availability of a quality manager to ensure monitoring of the Glass and Decoration project throughout the whole process.

Rigorous technical monitoring

From Design to Industrial Production: the project monitoring stages

  • Analysis of the client's project from templates, drawings, or plans.
  • Identification of client needs and adaptation to the industrial glassmaking process
  • Preparing plans, templates, or 3-D illustrations
  • Launch of a test section to produce samples under actual industrial production conditions
  • Validation of aesthetic aspects and of all technical characteristics 
  • Monitoring of the first production for optimal operation on the bottling line and launch of the product within the deadline.

A dedicated team of experts

The project team is made up of experts dedicated to fully supporting each project:

- A Sales Manager or Project Manager
- A Sales Administrator
- A Product Development Manager
- The Design Office
- A Quality Manager, in constant contact with the client and present throughout the product development.