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Unique Standout solutions

To meet the growing demand in glass packaging ranges, especially in the wine and spirits sectors, SAVERGLASS has been building its unique, extensive, and customized solutions for over 25 years.

With innovative shapes and exceptional colors, the Group works in turn on the punts, the geometric shoulders, the bodies, or the thickness of the  heel creating a totally new and imaginative language of shapes, breaking with the traditional codes of glass packaging.

With more than 600 references and a true depth to the product range (from 5 cl to 6 L), the Saverglass collection currently features the largest offer on the market. Each year it is further enriched with new shapes, arising out of the design department’s research and from unique cross-category expertise (spirits and wines).
Saverglass therefore proposes a wide range of solutions for companies that are strategically searching for brand differentiation or premiumization or who wish to launch new products.

What is a good design?

A good design firstly response to its function. It must have viable long-term manufacturing possibilities on an industrial scale and have the proportions and functionalities that allow the product to stand out and be visible in a sustainable way.

What is the SAVERGLASS style?

For 30 years, the SAVERGLASS Group has stood out for its bold choices, lack of compromise, purity, and simplicity, thus creating truly original lines. The constant search for perfection and elegance in manufacturing transforms our daily tasks and characterizes the unique Saverglass style.

There is no single model that represents the Saverglass style: there is a multitude. The guiding principle and consistency of the range is what matters.


  • Each year, Saverglass creates nearly 150 new bottles and more than 300 decorative features.
  • With more than 25 years expertise of constant work with designers, the design office is at the cutting edge of best practice in feasibility studies for projects, design, templates, and external design of bottles.
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Access to the catalog

Choose the colors


SAVERGLASS offers its customers a range of 6 glass colors : 6 classic, timeless shades for a broad range of uses.



The new COLORS (color feeder)

SAVERGLASS  offers you a new range of 8 original colors

  • 4 colors fitted for the Spirit: The shades Blue Ice, Grey Smoke, Blue Moon and Yellow Green
  • 4 colors fitted gor the Still and Sparking Wines: Miel, Water Green, Moka, Jade Green
  •  It's possible to create your own color

*A quantitive minimum of 300 000 bottles by manufacturing series. 5 to 150cl formats available

More information on the Saverglass colors on the page The colors in section Expertises.

Personalize your model

For both custom designs and catalogue products, SAVERGLASS offers a wide variety of personalization options through variations in capacity, glass colors, and types of corking or decorative container engraving . 

All the formula spinoffs or personalisation options that require modifications or the making of specific tools are possible.

More informations about Personnalization available on the Expertises section.

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Making a full mould sets

In some cases it is necessary to make full mould sets comprising blank and blow moulds, especially for :

  • Varying a particular shape that is unavailable in the product range
  • ​Modifying certain dimensions like height or diameter, or perceptibly changing glass weight
  • Making up a special finish whose dimensions are incompatible with existing tools.


Decoration Options

Multiple Customization solutions

To discover more examples of our realizations, you can consult the page Decoration processes in the section Expertises.

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A process that enables precious metals and enamels to be printed onto bottles using a screen. The production resources are automated. The decorable surfaces must generally be developable.

Key advantages of enamel screen printing:

  • Access to a very wide range of colours 
  • Good decoration durability
  • Highly flexible decoration