Develop your specific bottle

Develop your specific bottle

The creation of specific BOTTLE is a point of difference

With points-of-sale overflowing with generic products, it is now fundamentally important to propose innovative and distinctive responses to create a unique, strong, and identifiable product.

At Saverglass, we cultivate this awareness every day by continually searching for the right form, the form that will communicate the emotional value capable of triggering the impulse to buy and that provides the perfect answer to our clients’ constant search for creativity and innovation.

The background of a brand, its values, and market positioning make each brand and project unique. Saverglass has partnerships with brand and design agencies seeking to develop specific bottle models in a permanent quest for differentiation, originality, and quality in the creation of new bottles.

Seduction, imagination, and innovation are not simply declarations of intent: they are the tools of our daily work, our reality that is cultivated by the number, the diversity, and often the complexity of our creations.

Developing a specific bottle means choosing to create an original  custom bottle and the opportunity to work on the smallest details. The SAVERGLASS Group supports its clients in designing the shape, tint choice, and personalisation (finish, punt shape, etching, etc.), decoration, and accessory fitting options.

The SAVERGLASS Group supports its clients in designing the shape, color choice and personalization (finish, punt shape, etching, etc.), decoration and accessory fitting options. SAVERGLASS endeavours to use the most appropriate technical solution and design and to ensure the feasibility of each project, while respecting the original spirit of the product. 

Color choices


SAVERGLASS offers its customers a range of 6 glass colors: 6 classic, timeless shades for a broad range of uses.




SAVERGLASS  offers you a new range of 8 original colors

  • 4 colors fitted for the Spirit : The shades Blue Ice, Grey Smoke, Blue Moon and Yellow Green
  • 4 colors fitted gor the Still and Sparking Wines : Miel, Water Green, Moka, Jade Green
  •  It's possible to create your own color

*A quantitive minimum of 300 000 bottles by manufacturing series. 5 to 150cl formats available

More information on the Saverglass colors on the page The colors in section Expertises.


Personalize your model

For both custom designs and catalogue products, SAVERGLASS offers a wide variety of personalization options through variations in capacity, glass colors, and types of corking or decorative container engraving . 

All the formula spinoffs or personalisation options that require modifications or the making of specific tools are possible.

More information about Personnalization available on the Expertises section


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Making a foul mould sets

In some cases it is necessary to make full mould sets comprising blank and blow moulds, especially for :

  • Varying a particular shape that is unavailable in the product range
  • ​Modifying certain dimensions like height or diameter, or perceptibly changing glass weight
  • Making up a special finish whose dimensions are incompatible with existing tools.

Decoration Options

Multiple Customization solutions

To discover more examples of our realizations, you can consult the page Decoration processes in the section Expertises.

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A process that enables precious metals and enamels to be printed onto bottles using a screen. The production resources are automated. The decorable surfaces must generally be developable.

Key advantages of enamel screen printing:

  • Access to a very wide range of colours 
  • Good decoration durability
  • Highly flexible decoration