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Inheriting a long artistic tradition, the glassmakers develop a strong identity and a passion for sharing their know-how. Becoming a glassmaker does not mean simply acquiring a professional skill, but also living the passion for a noble material, full of life, on a daily basis.

A variety of roles

Glassmaker: a strong identity

Inheriting a long artistic tradition, the glassmakers develop a strong identity and a passion for sharing their know-how. Becoming a glassmaker does not mean simply acquiring a professional skill, but also living the passion for a noble material, full of life, on a daily basis.

Quality is second nature

At Saverglass, this passion for glass translates itself in a specific manner. Working for the world specialist in top-end and premium bottles is a source of pride for Saverglass employees. This quality culture, second nature in the company, transcends all the roles within Saverglass.

Strong differentiation

The beauty of Saverglass products is the hallmark of the company's production. Saverglass has been able to find a unique niche in the market thanks to its haute couture spirit, its ability to anticipate market trends, and the quality of its glassmaking and decorating know-how. In close to 30 years, the Saverglass Group has grown its revenues from €15 million to €400 million and its workforce from 250 to 2,500 employees.

Rewarding roles

The culture of quality and difference means that the various jobs that form part of Saverglass' know-how are particularly rewarding. From design and research to preparation and organization, production and finishing, quality control, installation and maintenance, sales or administration and purchasing, employees live all the Saverglass roles in a spirit of expectation, expertise and innovation.

& sales

Global brand image

A global leader in the high-end glass and decoration segment, Saverglass has built up an international brand image that is recognized by operators across the market. In both purchasing and sales relationships, this image of quality and service is a decisive factor for employees and a key requirement for living up to the Group's reputation.

Saverglass ambassadors

The Market Managers (sales team) and Market Assistants (sales administrators) work in tandem as Saverglass client ambassadors. They lead the four subsidiaries and seven representative offices which have seen the Saverglass flag raised on nearly all continents, as well as four French subsidiaries in Cognac, Champagne, Provence, and Armagnac. They work as a team with the Product Quality Managers (PQM), who handle the technical and sales side of the relationship with the client.

Purchasing: a focus on both price and quality

Purchasing (over €150 million per year) is a key area for Saverglass in terms of effectively managing costs and quality. Employees’ performance responds to this dual requirement. The Purchasers and Assistants work together to choose the best suppliers in terms of quality and optimize the Group's purchases.

Examples of job posts


& research

Creative passion

The passion for creating within the Saverglass Group puts innovation at the heart of the business strategy. The research & development and design departments include specific activities based on technological excellence, from designing new products to creating new industrial processes specific to Saverglass.

Research laboratory

Saverglass is a true research laboratory at the cutting edge of complex developments, from bottle-production to decoration: molds, complex shapes, inks, decoration processes, tooling, and many others. Employees work with high-tech tools: 3D design and printing, synthesis imagery, and state-of-the-art software to name just a few.

Define, study and produce

Saverglass’ researchers work closely with the Sales and Marketing Department and the Production Department. Upstream, their role is to define the industrial feasibility of the Group's marketing ideas and the specific developments requested by clients. Downstream, they must design (plans and studies) and then produce an industrial plan (tooling) for Saverglass' innovative projects.

Examples of job posts


& administration

From a local SME to an International Group

In less than 30 years, Saverglass has grown from a local SME to an International Group. The workforce has increased tenfold – growing from 250 to 2,500 employees – and the family shareholding structure has given way to investment funds. The management and administration teams have been considerably strengthened and play a key role in supporting this far-reaching transformation of Saverglass.

Professionalism and family spirit

In this context, Saverglass has taken up the challenge of preserving its historical identity – marked by family spirit, respect for people, and a passion for glass – whilst professionalizing and modernizing its accounting and financial processes, its information systems, and its human resources management. This in-depth transformation of management and administration activities also requires the employees, in a personal capacity, to bring the company's human values to life.

Support services focused on in-house “clients”

In the Saverglass Group, the areas known as support services are focused on serving operational staff. Their mission is to satisfy their “in-house clients” through reliable information systems that perform well and are adapted to the work involved; through recruitment, with the management of training and monitoring of career paths defined working closely with the managers; and through financial management and management checks on performance and productivity in the production units.

Examples of job posts


& Maintenance

An industrial gem in our hands

Although a master craftsman of glass, Saverglass is still part of a heavy industry. The Group has rolled out an efficient industrial tool at its four glass plants that produce 370,000 tons of glass per year spread over its 6 ovens and 31 production lines. The maintenance employees are responsible for glass production plants that are renowned for being true technological gems.

Performance, quality, and continuity

The maintenance departments are responsible for ensuring performance and continuity in production 24/7. The level of technology within the plants is evolving very quickly. These are highly technical roles in which organization, an ability to adapt, flexibility and the sharing of experiences among employees play an essential part. 

Optimizing productivity

Serving and ready to listen to production, the maintenance teams are responsible for maintaining and repairing the facilities, as well as the broader task of preventative maintenance and even developing machine features. They help to optimize Saverglass' productivity by handling changes to the manufacturing processes. This involves installing new molds and fine-tuning the mechanics with precision to ensure high-quality production.

Examples of job posts

& organization

Service that meets Saverglass' quality standards

The trust that clients place in Saverglass is based on not only product quality, but also service quality: meeting deadlines, ensuring quality transport, taking clients’ industrial constraints into account, etc. Employees in the Logistics and Transport departments, as in the Industrial Scheduling Department, have developed a culture of excellence focused on client satisfaction. 

Precision mechanics 

Upstream from production, industrial scheduling acts as a “control tower” for the whole of Saverglass' production. The order management and planning departments require precise processes based on a proven methodology. The variety of models and series (short and long) and the many production lines and sites require focused preparation and scheduling in order to meet the deadlines given to clients and optimize Saverglass' production tools.

Complex coordination

From five production sites – four in France and one in the United Arab Emirates – Saverglass delivers its products to all continents, by land and sea. Employees in the logistics and transport departments are truly experts in handling complex coordination. Their objectives: to deliver the merchandise in perfect quality within the timeframe set and to optimize Saverglass' logistical costs.

Exmaples of job posts

Quality control

Uncompromising quality 

The requirement for quality as second nature within the Saverglass Group is central to Saverglass' reputation and displays the trust its clients place in the company. In this context, the production quality control roles are vitally important. They are founded on a culture of quality that reaches all levels within the Saverglass Group, as well as on state-of-the-art tools and methods that are constantly being perfected. 

Participation and concentration

Once the bottle is shaped, it is inserted into an annealing lehr and then begins a course of rigorous checks. These checks are carried out not only by perfected automatic machines (with optical vision), but also by people, irreplaceable in our glassmaking industry, where the closest attention is paid to quality control for these items. Employees have a significant amount of responsibility in ensuring strict compliance with procedures, which requires active involvement and concentration at all times.

A close link with manufacturing

The checks take place on the production lines (visitors-packers, sounders and decoration quality controllers) and in the laboratory using samples collected (laboratory quality controllers). After the bottles are packaged, but before delivery to clients, the auditors check the pallets by sampling. Employees work closely with production, continually looking for improvements.

Examples of job posts


& completion

Saverglass glass pride

At the heart of the glass production department, production employees are extremely proud of producing exceptional quality products. Saverglass' unadorned glass has a worldwide reputation for its shine, clarity and purity; the quality of the decoration gives the Saverglass finished product a unique position on the market. A Saverglass bottle – whether bare or decorated – is like no other bottle.

A quality requirement

The production departments work to guarantee optimum quality, supported by glass production expertise and unrivalled decoration know-how. The production employees maintain a level of quality on a daily basis, which brings value to their work and makes it attractive.

Diversity of production roles

The allocated teams work in 4 x 8 shifts to ensure constant production 24/7. Under the responsibility of a supervisor, the machine operators together with the technicians, setters and finishers are in charge of bottle production. 

Upstream, the founders ensure the quality of the raw materials mix and their fusion, as well as controlling the ovens. The feedermen ensure the quality of the glass gob during fusion, which is inserted in the molds for shaping.

The production teams rely on peripheral roles: mold fitters, glass production machine maintenance technicians, and the adjusters and turners in the molding workshop.

Examples of job posts

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