Procurement & Sales


Managing costs and guaranteeing quality
With a volume of €150 million per year, purchasing is a key factor for Saverglass in managing costs. From operating costs to investments, the purchaser ensures the quality of the products and services ordered. This double requirement means that purchasers are responsible for preparing, negotiating, setting up and monitoring Group purchases within the product families entrusted to them: energy, raw materials, investments, transport, molds, packaging, consumables, etc.
A global overview of the purchasing process
Even though purchasers must show determination in their transactions, their mission is not limited to negotiating prices. Their job includes: qualitative research on new products and suppliers (sourcing); securing contracts through thorough and accurate preparations; rigorous management of payment conditions, deadlines and procedures for orders; monitoring of service quality and any complaints with suppliers.
  • Higher education in an Engineering School, Business School or postgraduate studies
  • SAP knowledge
  • English required

Sales Manager

Saverglass Ambassador
The sales Manager are the Saverglass Group ambassadors for a portfolio of clients within a geographical sector. They represent the image of the Group brand far and wide and display their expertise in following-up and developing a demanding client base that will value the products. As part of a team with the Sales Assistants, a Sales Manager works on all aspects of the commercial relationship: taking orders, specific developments (glass and decoration), quality management, monitoring of client services and any complaints.
Canvasser and field agent
To further strengthen its position as a global specialist for high-end bottles, Saverglass scrutinizes and anticipates the needs of its target markets. As a canvasser and field agent, the Sales Manager is attentive to discovering new needs and reporting on the situation in terms of the markets, competition and pricing to the Sales and Marketing Department. They work on specific assignments or market studies, enabling Saverglass to define the focus for its industrial and sales strategy. 
  • Higher education in a Business School or postgraduate studies
  • Good command of IT tools, particularly Excel, Word and PowerPoint, experience of using a CRM tool is desirable
  • Fluent in English and, if possible, another language depending on the markets which they are responsible for 


Vincent Weber - Purchaser 

For how long have you been doing this job? I joined Saverglass in 2009.

Why do you like this job? The position of purchaser motivated me by the diversity of the subjects that you deal with and the contacts that you meet. The purchaser is at the heart of strategy implementation; this is particularly true at Saverglass.

What made you want to join Saverglass? From the start, I was captivated by the knowledge of the job and by my future managers. With Saverglass, I discovered the art of glass and I'm happy to make my contribution. Very soon I had the opportunity to work on large scope projects such as the creation of Saverglass LCC at Ras Al Khaimah, and more recently of Alphadec in Arques.






Mélanie Beaudouin (Houet) - Market Assistant

For how long have you been doing this job? I have been a market assistant at Saverglass for 11 years.

Why do you like this job? We are the link between the customers and Saverglass; we have to reconcile our company's priorities and needs with our customers’ requirements. We must completely understand our customer and monitor the evolution of the order as a whole so that we can provide the best response if something unexpected occurs.

What made you want to join Saverglass? What made you want to join Saverglass? During my studies I had the chance to do an internship in the export department and I very quickly became attached to Saverglass, to its human values, to its exceptional products, and to its constant search for innovation and improvement. The company never stands still and we find that time passes very quickly!