Glass and Decoration Schools



The glass industry uses expert craftsmen with experiential know-how. They used to be called “Master Glassmakers.” There are no schools that teach these fields directly. Therefore, in 1999, Saverglass created its own “School of Glass” and, more recently, its “School of Decoration.” Alumni, recognized for their technical mastery and teaching skills, teach good practices throughout our employees' careers. 

Therefore, in addition to the training received at recruitment, each step of professional development is validated by a specifically adapted course. In 2018, 480 new Mexican employees attended Saverglass training modules conducted in Spanish by internal trainers sent specially from France. Practical training, meanwhile, was provided by more than 300 French employees sent to Mexico to support this effort.

The modules are currently being offered to the 260 employees of MD Verre, a new factory acquired by Saverglass in Belgium.