The Vercane project

In October 2020, Saverglass was selected by Engie to participate in its first R&D program, in collaboration with Verescence and Fives, to decarbonize the glass manufacturing process: VERCANE stands for VERre CArboNEutre (carbon-neutral glass).



Supported by ADEME, this program is part of France's carbon-neutral objectives for 2050. The purpose of this ambitious program is to support the industrial glass sector in its efforts, in line with the “France Relance” recovery plan. VERCANE is studying different carbon-neutral energy systems that could be compatible with the glass fusion process: hydrogen, bioresources, and process electrification. On the other hand, VERCANE is exploring the possibility of adapting existing melting ovens to new energy sources. The role of Saverglass is to provide real-life case studies to the project from its industrial sites and contribute to the creation of technical work packages involving our expertise in the production of glass in melting ovens.