SAVERGLASS is pursuing its initiative to broaden its management systems and HAS OBTAINED ISO 22301:  Business Continuity Management Certification.

The company is the first glass manufacturing and decoration company in the world to receive this certification, which demonstrates its ability to provide its customers with an ongoing service in exceptional situations.

To date only around 100 companies world-wide have been certified.

Saverglass, the global leader in the manufacturing and decoration of high-quality bottles for premium and super premium spirits brands, fine wines and champagnes, and the perfume and cosmetics industries, has obtained ISO 22301 for all its French industrial facilities, including Feuquières (60), Arques (62), Le Havre (76), and Coulommiers (77). This international standard provides a reference for companies in terms of introducing a system that enable them to ensure continuity for critical business activities in exceptional circumstances.

The aim of this business continuity management system is to protect the company against disruptive incidents (fire, unavailability of the information system, pandemic, malicious acts, supply interruption, or machine breakage, etc.), by reducing the potential impact of these incidents on its business activities.  Accordingly, Saverglass has introduced a global management process that identifies potential threats to the organisation, and the impact of these threats on its commercial operations based on various so-called “crisis” scenarios, in order to ensure the proper management of any problems that may then be encountered. This certification, which is the result of an assessment process that began in September 2011, demonstrates Saverglass’ determination and ability to implement the response standards that enable it to continue delivering to its clients regardless of the events identified. Accordingly, over 400 scenarios were highlighted during the risk assessment stage, which all resulted in a very detailed business continuity plan, once their criticality had been ranked.

In fact, as the first glass manufacturer to obtain ISO 9001 certification in 1993, Saverglass has always made quality and security the focal point of its concerns. All its French production facilities have also obtained  ISO 9001, ISO 14001 (Environmental Management), and ISO 22000 (Food Safety Management) certification. Meanwhile its RAK facility, which was commissioned almost two years ago, has received ISO 9001 certification for quality and ISO 22000 certification for food safety.

Most of the Saverglass Group’s industrial facilities will soon be certified according to the XP ISO TS 22002-4 guidelines, which relate to the implementation of prerequisite programmes for the safety of foodstuffs. This standard, which is still experimental, will supplement the ISO 22000 arrangements that are already in place.

For Loïc Quentin de Gromard, the Chairman and Chief Executive of Saverglass:

“Our group is a standard-setter in terms of the quality of its products and services at the world-wide level.  Nothing can ever be taken for granted at this level, and this aim for excellence must be combined with a requirement to improve our performances on an ongoing basis every day.   Obtaining ISO 22301 certification is in keeping with this approach.  It is expressed by maintaining industrial solutions in an operational state that are appropriate for ensuring the continuity of our supplies and services to our customers in the event of a major incident at our facilities on an ongoing basis, thereby securing the Group’s business continuity”.

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Saverglass Exceptional products and services

SAVERGLASS is world renowned for the excellence of its products and services. However, in the current business environment, everything is earned and this pursuit of excellence goes hand in hand with a daily requirement for ongoing improvement in performance.

The shared development of the integrated management system for quality, food safety, the environment, occupational safety and business continuity is based on over a century of experience that is underpinned by compliance with the most demanding standards.

Our organization strives to be transparent by implementing a clear strategy.
Each of the Group’s employees takes pride in playing their part in meeting the improvement targets set by management, by endeavouring to identify and promote best practice relating to SAVERGLASS’s businesses.

This passion for quality and innovation was recognized in 1993 when the Group became the first glassmaker to obtain dual ISO 9001 certification (Afaq & Lloyd’s Register).
From the design phase to delivery of the final product, this standard ensures adherence to the highest quality criteria for products and services for the food and cosmetics industry.

By using a product that is safe for the consumer, SAVERGLASS has made food safety a priority and at the same time has provided its clients with a guarantee of brand leadership and longevity.
Its production sites are ISO 22000-certified, ensuring the highest level of confidence in the safety of delivered products.

Respecting this noble material… 

Glass is a malleable  material that requires our engineers, workers and technicians to employ a level of savoir-faire targeting  perfection from production to distribution.
For this reason, our products exude elegance and are highly esteemed by our most demanding clients. Our motto is simple: all Saverglass employees share a unanimous passion-quality.

… through a constant attention to high professional standards

This requires continual controls throughout the production cycle – from the raw material to the finished product.
Professionally trained employees and cutting-edge technologies  like optoelectronics,   neural vision systems and  a wide range of others technologies contributes to insure a high level of reliabillity come together to help make our products exceptionally reliable.  

SAVERGLASS maintains its reputation for quality and elegance thanks to its thorough control process, no matter what technological challenges arise. The loyalty of highly prestigious clients is our reward.

SAVERGLASS is committed to going above and beyond the regulatory requirements in minimising the environmental impact of its operations by developing innovative processes, being economical with resources, reducing pollutants and waste, and generating the least degree of nuisance and waste possible. In this respect, Saverglass has implemented an ISO 14001-certified environmental management system.
Occupational health and safety is continually assessed and the OHSAS 18001-based management of this area – relating to minimising risk for collective work – has resulted in an improved trend in the statistics for work-related accidents for more than 10 years. 

Saverglass, with its standard of excellence, felt obligation to improve its business continuity management, which minimize the impact for client should a major problem arise in one of our factories. As of 2011, Saverglass has developed an ISO 22301 - based Business Continuity System with the goal of achieving certification in the upcoming months.