Art & Touch®
Saverglass has revolutionized the vision of raised decoration with an innovative, high-precision 3D-finishing process called Art & Touch®, which creates bottles with precise 3D motifs.

Art & Touch®: A New Vision
for Raised Design

While consumers are constantly seeking out new tactile and visual experiences, Saverglass is pushing the boundaries of raised design with its precise 3D decoration technique. 

This sensational new way of sculpting bottles combines a variety of eye-catching textures and raised motifs.  

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Aesthetic Features

The brilliance of Art & Touch® comes from its unmatched  aesthetic qualities:

  • Its fine lines.
  • An infinite choice of 3D designs and graphics.
  • The precision of its contours and cuts.

These elements contribute to giving your project its uniqueness and magnificence.

The Combination of
Decoration Techniques

The Art & Touch® technique can be combined with other decoration techniques, such as: 

  • Screen-printing, the use of precious metals, acid-etching, full coating and metallization. 

The visual impact created by Art & Touch® is accentuated when combined with other decoration techniques to highlight the 3D graphics. 

Endless Combinations

  • Bordelaise 1855 


  • Long Island


  • Antik


  • Bellissima