"Z" generation

Offering Solutions that Other Generations Quickly
Take On Board

"Z" Generation

A generation everyone's talking about

'1996-2010' — The four values that

are central to our society

Beyond “analyzing” them, it is essential to understand their impact on society.
Uninhibited, connected, clever and independent from institutions,
without actually rejecting the system,
they propose solutions that respond to needs,
and that are rapidly adopted by other generations.
Addressing them directly, understanding their expectations
and the way they function, means reaching a large segment
of a society in need of reinvention.

Immediacy and Fluidity

Rhythm, fluidity and simplicity

Generation Z get everything done at once. Using their smartphone, they can communicate across all of their networks at the same time while doing something else 'in real life'. They quickly jump from one activity to another, with a limited attention span.
As they go through life, they are not afraid to accumulate different lives, jobs and experiences. Why have one hobby when you can have ten?


Although experience is always valuable, brands must know how to go back to basics, in areas such as service and CRM. Story-telling serves no purpose if the fundamentals are not in place. Impatient consumers, who are used to ergonomic, ultra-smooth digital navigation, expect the same from their relationship with a brand. They want it to be simple and efficient, with no nonsense.


Committed and Responsible

Idealistic ideas, a pragmatic approach and a sens of purpose

Generation Z grew up during troubled times and feel responsible for looking after the world's future. Deeply committed and
with a desire to take responsibility on all fronts, they stand up and take matters into their own hands to make sure they're heading in the right direction. If they don't, who will?


Consumers want meaning. Tired of a lack of consistency, Generation Z expects genuine commitment from the brands that they choose, whether it be
social, societal or environmental. However, beyond these important issues, what Generation Z wants most of all is brands that take a firm stance — brands that assert their identity loudly and clearly and stick to it.

Alternative and Unique


With so much personal experience in managing their life and image as if it were a brand, today's consumers have become so indifferent to marketing
that they expect to be amazed. Brands need to surprise consumers and try to make bold choices, without being afraid to mix up styles and blur the lines
between luxury, mass-market and niche culture. Today, not taking risks is arguably the greatest risk of all.


In a saturated market, with many parallel products existing side by side, customization is undoubtedly the future of consumerism. More specifically, it's about customizing and optimizing the product, both upstream and downstream, by using everything that data can tell us about the customer. However, it is also about creating a one-to-one relationship. This allows brands to treat everyone as an individual in their own right and respond to the unique desires of modern consumers.

Exchange and Community

Collaboration, crowdfunding, and social networks

Z Generation has a horizontal view of the world, and have invented a peer-to-peer culture and a collaborative economy.
Less individualistic than previous generations, their first thought always jumps to the collective. This outlook also applies to their relationship with brands, which they accept and judge as equals. Networks are their weapon of choice when confronting the world, providing solutions to all areas of life.


Communication is now constant. The democratization of social networks and messaging apps has transformed life into a permanent dialogue between individuals. Consumers expect the same from their relationship with brands. A one-off relationship is no longer enough; relationships must be sustained before, during and after the purchase, even when nothing is bought. The age of the one-way brand monologue is over, it is time to listen.

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