70 cl / 23.67 oz

816 gr / 28.78 oz

Reference: 5158

Saverglass Registered Design

DIAMOND is a bottle of medium height featuring a square outline that is softened by the curved lines of its shoulder. It derives its elegance from its tapered body that is designed for the perfect grip. This balance of proportions and thickness of the base are the essential features of a bottle that is made to be embellished, and it’s up to you how you want to do it.

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Reference: 5158

Capacity: 70 cl / 23.67 oz

Section: Square

Version: Mid-high

Finish: GPI 400/28

Weight: 816 gr / 28.78 oz

Height [A]: 259.20 mm / 10.20 in

Mini section [C]: 74.7 x 74.7 mm / 2.94 x 2.94 in

Maxi section [B]: 84.8 x 84.8 mm / 3.34 x 3.34 in

Entrance bore ⌀ [D]: 18,5 mm / 0.73 in

Punt thickness: 14.00 mm / 0.55 in

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