75 cl / 25.36 oz

750 gr / 26.46 oz

Reference: 5379

Saverglass Registered Design

ELLIPTIC is a decanter with a distinct personality, characterized by gently protruding shoulders, a generous label panel, and balanced proportions. Easy to handle thanks to its moderate weight, it symbolizes the prefect balance between refinement, practicality and competitiveness and will accentuate all types of spirits, whether dark or clear, thanks to a straight neck crowned by a flat tapered finish.

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Reference: 5379

Capacity: 75 cl / 25.36 oz

Section: Oval

Finish: Plate Conique

Weight: 750 gr / 26.46 oz

Height [A]: 192.00 mm / 7.56 in

Mini section [C]: 86.4 mm / 3.4 in

Maxi section [B]: 129 mm / 5.08 in

Entrance bore ⌀ [D]: 23 mm / 0.91 in

Punt thickness: 10.00 mm / 0.39 in

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